Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Help me get to 100 subs

Hello wow i have been neglecting my blog a wee bit as nobody seems to be reading but whoooo i have got to 51 subscribers at the mo on my beauty style youtube channe,and only 3 here lol and 9 on facebook which is a good start i think ;0) but i'm so happy with getting over 50 on youtube and want to head for the 100 mark to really have a happy dance,so if you love makeup,makeup tutorials and reviews and clothing hauls mostly from primark then stick with me kidda and click here to subscribe to youtube,thanks for your support as it is helping me gain more confidence with my anxiety,social phobia,panic attacks etc.......

oh and i almost forgor and shame on me,slap on the wrist mummy.
my baby daughter Teegan will be popping by every now and then and doing outfit of the day ;0)

Teegan Sophia Rose with mummy vinny
aka littlemissstyleguru xxx


  1. Hey I've tried following you on here (as I have subed on youtube) but I can't find a follow button.

  2. i'm not sure either sorry Lottie lol i know that sounds silly but everyone else seems to have a subscribe bit and i don't so not sure what to do,but it says subscribe by email under this box whatever that means? sooo sorry xxxxx

  3. ha ha thicko me seems to have sussed it now,wondered why i had like no subscribers so thanks for letting me know,feel stupid now,not been bothering to do them as didn't have subscribers lol,thanks hun xxxxx


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