Sunday, 15 April 2012

pixiwoo inspired navy blue dramatic midnight eyes with glitter lips

Hi guys and dolls yes i'm back after easter and a nice few days spent with family.
Well i do lurve watching different youtube video's and obviously pixiwoo is one of my faves just like thousands of other people,anyway one of their videos caught my eye and it was for a dramatic looking blue eye,so anyway thought i would try something similar,i'm only really using high street cheap makeup not top end brabds and this is my first go and i'm no makeup artist unlike pixiwoo sisters who are fan daby dozy btw,so please be kind and i'm not a great model either ha ha,just a selection of photos then link to youtube video at the bottom to see what products i usef,please subscribe here facebook and youtube,thanks so much for taking time to look xxxxx

youtube video below xxx

facebook below too......

glittery kisses from vinny xx

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