Friday, 20 April 2012

please subscribe to my beauty and style youtube and facebook both littlemissstyleguru makeup and primark shopaholic x

Hi all in the past month i have created my own beauty and style youtube channel and facebook page and obviously here too,i'm called littlemissstyleguru aka vinny lol.
I'm a new mummy and have a daughter called Teegan Sophia Rose who is just over 9 months and will be one on the 7th aug,wow time has flown,doesn't seem 2 mins since i was having her but all that pain and worry was deffo worth it as she is such a cutie and the light of my life awww i'm all mushy lol.
I suffer from social phobia panic attacks anxiety and a lot more to boot but i won't bore ya.

I'm here first and foremost to meet nice like minded people who like myself enjoy all things girly.
I love shopping when i don't feel too paniky in town as hate busy places but love clothes and shopping you can't win,oh i'm also into makeup 100% and love trying new styles and colours and also love to review makeup and tell you what i think,i only give my honest opinion so if you agree then that's cool but if you don't then that's also cool.

When i gather more subscribers on youtube i will be doing my first ever give away which will be exciting so please click on the links below and get subscribing,i love to watch other youtube channels too and it's just great to meet new people who seem dead nice,i'm also doing my video's though to help myself with my anxiety,panic socia phobia etc,ok it's not going to go away as had it 13 year and it can only help right? so soz if i'm ever shakey or nervous.

ok i'm not the most beautiful of people and am over weight after having Teegan blah ;0( but hey ho i just take each day as it comes as life can go all too quick.

so anyway that's me,a makeup clothing lover shopaholic lol;who just want's to have a laugh like any other person,please take a look at my video's as i would love to gain more friends and subscribers to my's nice knowing you actually are doing them for people and not just talking to a camera and wasting my time lol

the links are below,will be adding more video's when i can,think i have added quite a few within a month with a teething 9 month old that want's attention all the time ha ha yes she is a hanfull but a cute one so i'll let her off

love and hugs to all and thanks for reading xxxx

fave shops are...
River island
New look is ok
Sainsburys tu and gok
love the Animal and Bench shop's too
Oh and also love rumaging through tk max
like bank republic asos and just loads really ha ha

and if i had to go into makeup i would be here all day but best cheapest brand is defo
MUA without a shaddow of a doubt they are brill for the price.
also love bourjois,max factor,rimmel.L'oreal,soap &glory,no7,urban decay,benefit and oh anything really as love them all collection 2000 barry m and the list goes on

so if you love all these too then stay tuned for more vids or blogs thanks guys and dolls xxxxx♥♥

Love from Vinny and baby Teegan who is also on my videos as i do baby hauls too and ootd with both me and Teegan ♥

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