Monday, 9 April 2012

pregnant or a new mum and signing upto bounty baby website

Hi all,If you are already signed up to bounty baby website or thinking of sighning up then please would you be very kind in voting for my baby daughter Teegan Sophia Rose who i'm very proud of,me and her daddy think the world of her,she is just the light of my life in which has been a tough life,so to be blessed with her i feel super lucky........thanks so much if you can vote 10 star i would be over the moon,obviously you don't have to but just would be nice thats all,and also bounty is a fab website if you are pregnant,planning a baby or already have kids,very imformative and tells you everything you need to know,they also have a cool chat area to meet new mums etc,i even put Teegan's name on their and it is featured so chuffed with that.....
here is the link xxxxxxxxxxxx

thankyou ever so much and Teegan is growing so quick,here she is now xxxx

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