Tuesday, 3 April 2012

primark haul april 2012 new clothing style blog photos and a few ootd

Hi all,just in the middle of uploading my primark haul for april 2012,wish i could do more but pretty skint now and have family coming down soon so hey ho but at least i got stuff for myself and not my daughter Teegan as she has too many clothes now lol so thought i would treat myself for a change,anyway i'm just going to add some photos of what i bought then you can watch the main haul on youtube once it is uploaded either late tonight or tomorrow,i just have to say one thing  I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY BLUE SUEDE SHOES LOL WELL THEY ARE A SORT OF TEAL STYLE SHOE BOOT BUT THEY ARE THE MOST LUSH THING I HAVE EVER SEEN..........
please do subscribe here and my youtube and facebook,i will put links below to facebook and youtube,thanks all and can't wait for the proper hot weather to come,we have had some lovely days but it was pretty poor today as it poured down with rain ;0(
Thanks so much for reading and i know i'm not stick thin as i have had a baby and can't lose the weight but i'm like a size 14 and can fit into 12's too if they are baggy enough like these tops,much love and hugs from vinny xx☻xx

If i remember right then the teal shirt to match my shoes was £8.00 the black belt i already had,the leather look wet look black leggings were £6.00 and my lush teal blue shoe/boots were down from £16 to £6 wow what a bargain,the red playsuit/jumpsuit was £5 the pink shirt i think was either 5 or 6 pound but is on my youtube video and other lace pink one was i think £5 again on the video,the beige hat was £2.50 and camo one was £3.00,stripey shoes were £3 and they also had them in red too,sorry about my bright makeup but it was to match the teal shoes and shirt nothing else lol and soz about my hair as i had only just taken it out of a messy but to show you the caps ha ha so it looks a state but apart from that i hope you like,time for bed i think while these youtube vids carry on uploading,gosh they take 4 ever and i have to leave them overnight so i hope they are done by the morning zzzzzzzzzz nite sweet dreams xxx


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