Wednesday, 9 May 2012

funky black & white nails barry m instant nail effects

Hi there,sorry i have not blogged in a while but here i am with my funky black & white nails creating them is so simple as all you need is any white nail varnish,i'm just using my rimmel white tip nail polish but you can use any or any colour really but i thought white looked cool.
Then you need to purchase the black barry m nail paint but make sure it's the instant nail effects one,it will have like a pattern on the lid and they are about £3.99
Let the white dry then as normal pain over the white all over with the black and before your eyes you will see it diole and make this crazy pattern,simple as that.
Hope you like this look
Kind regards littlemissstyleguru and don't forget to subscribe here to my blog and my youtube channel and facebook too,thanks so much xxxxx


  1. Cute! :-) I'm a new follower! You are welcome in my blog:
    An hug from Italy

  2. thanks so much deasense will have a look now cheers from the uk xxx


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