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Comparison Swatches Naked 1 2 & 3 Urban Decay Review

Comparison Swatches Naked 1 2 & 3 
Urban Decay

Hi everyone i thought i would do a blog and show the differences between all three naked palettes and a quick review on them.
If you follow me and are subscribed to my Youtube Channel Littlemissstyleguu then you will all know by now that my Fave eyeshaddows are by Urban Decay i love them they are so soft and creamy and very pigmented,and if your not subscribed to my Youtube then please click the link below to subscribe for reviews,hauls,makeup,beauty,fashion and baby!!!

The first palette is Urban Decay Naked or Naked 1 as most people call it as it's the original naked palette.
This is housed in a lovely soft velvet case which flaps over and contains mirror under flap and comes with UD soft double ended blending brush and eye primer potion which is amazing to give the shaddows more depth not they they need it and also your shaddow will last all day long.
There are 12 stunning colours that when mixed and match can be worn day or night.
The colours range from light soft shader to darker golds then browns to black and gun metal.
This was my first UD palette and i love love love it,please see photos and swatches below ♥

The next palette is the Urban decay naked 2.
This comes in a metal tin which shuts so will not flap open so i do like the tin rather than the flap over case.
This also comes with mirror inside lid of tin and again another double sided brush but this time this comes with a small lip junkie lip gloss which is nice to try.
At first i was not sure if i was going to buy this palette as at a quick glance i thought they looked very similar.....
but i was very wrong as they are actually not so similar and have again 12 colours but this palette has a few more again would make a good day to night palette as the colours are stunning there are matte's sparkles and shimmers so you can create a lovely neutral eye or deep smokey sexy yes yes i gave in and bought this palette and now use both and sometimes even mix and match out of both palettes,see the photos below for swatches ♥

So next is my most recent purchase which is the new Urban Decay Naked 3 yay as once again they have done it and this doesn't dissapoint it's gorgeous so stunning infact that i might go as far as to say this is my fave of all three but then it's a very close contender to the original Naked for me.
This paletteis also a tin like the no2 so shuts safe but it looks very pretty with a rose gold rippled effect to the tin which leads me onto the colours as they are a very similar set of colours to the tin going down that rose gold route as some really pretty soft pinks and brown mauve type colours,i really love a certain colour in this palette called nooner it's a mauve/brown and the name is ace i love it,also instead of the normal black at the end UD have put a glitter black for a change,it's black with tiny tiny red glitter flecks {stunning}again it contains a double ended brush but also comes with 4 pod samples of eye primer which i wasn't sure of to begin with as you seemed to get more with no1 and no2 but actually i love the 4 pods of eye primer potion as they are all different and i had only ever tried the normal original eye primer but this had original sin eden and anti ageing and i can give my verdict that i really love sin eye primer you can certainly wear this alone as an eyeshaddow it's gorgeous so i'm glad i got chance to try it now.
I am so glad i got this palette as it is very different from 1 and 2 and again if you own all 3 or even own another Naked then you can mix and match between colours.
This would be my wedding paalette when i get married as the gentle soft pinks are very romantic.Here are the photos and swatches ♥

So in conclusion check out the photos below and tell me which one is ur fave,do you own any,do you own all three or do you plan to purchase any in the future,thanks for reading and i will leave link below where you can also purchase Urban Decay.
If you have any question's please ask as if you go to contact at the top of my blog you will find me all over the place so join me everywhere thanks love always Vinny xx♥xx


  1. Lovely post :) I have 1 & 2, I think 1 will always be my favourite though!


    1. Thanks Sophie they are lovely arnt they but yes i Love 1 more than 2 for the colours but 3 is so so different,thanks for reading hun mwhaa xx♥xx

  2. great post babe!

  3. I definitely prefer Naked 2 to 1, but my favourite is Naked 3 without a doubt. Great post! x

    1. Thanks Chloe yes i love Naked 3 too it's just so different but i Love no1 i think as it was my first ever palette but i know will last for ages,if i had the money i think i would buy up the whole of Urban decay's website lol x♥x


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