Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014 i'm back ♥

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Hi People and a very Happy New Year to you all how are things?
Well things in the Littlemissstyleguru household are lovely.
We had a very eventful 2013,i found i was pregnant on March 12th and had the most georgeous baby boy in the world born on 22nd of Nov at 2.46am weighing a nice weight of 8.7llb and we named him Tayum James Michael,he is now 7 weeks as a type this out.
So yes now i have two of the little terrors which you will probably be seeing in some of my videos and of course Jamie now he is another story ha ha,if you have not met Jamie he is my Fiance and we have been together nearly 13 years,he is brill but a total fruit loop nutter and if you subscribed to me on Youtube you will know this already but if your not subscribed then please do just for the fact he is bonkers lol,but i love him to bits he's a star,my knight in shining armour actually but shhhh don't tell him as his head is big enough already ha ha.

So i would love to know what you have all been upto and did you have a great 2013?
I hope that 2014 is going to be an amazing year though,i really want to get married at some point and it will be just me Jamie and the kids i think as we are really not very close to family but as long as we are together and have a nice day that's all the counts.Not saying it will be this year but you never know.
I would also like to get on a little holiday in the summer,only somewhere in the uk even if it's Brighton for a few days we will make it lovely for both Teegan and Tayum and even take you along with us to vlog our adventure.

Anyway this was sort of a welcome back to my blog as i have decided to start blogging again so please make sure you follow me for updates just click join at the side of this blog,and if you have a mo please also check out my facebook and give it a thumbs up and subscribe to Youtube and Instagram as you will find me everywhere lol and i would love you to joing my little world.
I know i said lastime i would blog more but this time i mean it as i do really need a kick up the bum so i will be maybe doing Ootd or reviews on products etc or things ive loved or hates makeup keep tuned for my next blog and come and say hiya,thanks all love Littlemissstyleguru aka vinny xx♥♥xx
Remember to click on the links and also here is photos of my beautiful family mwhaa xxx


  1. shall follow you!, all my love

    1. Thanks Amy followed you back,i'm rubbish at blogging so need a kick up the bum to start again xxxx

  2. Followed! Brighton is so lovely, I went last year for a week :) xxx

  3. Thanks Sophie yeah i know we don't even live that far away but i love the shopping there plus would be nice to take Teegan on the pier and stuff,lot more to do that crappy southampton but saying that we do have the ferry here over to the isle of wight and that is dead pretty too xx♥xx


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