Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Beauty-uk Posh Palettes Review Masquerade & Festival

Beauty-uk Posh Palettes Review Masquerade & Festival

Hi everyone so as the title might give it away,this is a quick review of two very inexpensive yet very pigment palettes by Beauty-uk,i don't own a vast amount by beauty uk but i do own some items and i bought these two palettes quite a few months back now from Superdrug,i walked into the shop and saw that Beauty-uk had a deal on and i think it was buy one get one half price or something like that so i noticed these palettes right away as they came in bright white packaging and had really big colours inside,i couldn't swatch the colours as they were sealed so ok it was a gamble but for £5.99 and getting the other half price i was willing to take the risk and oh boy i'm so so glad i did,they have three palettes like this called posh palettes and the two i bought were Masquerade and festival but there is also one called Eden which is also a neautral one which looks fab but at the time i wanted the Masquerade more for a certain redish/brown burgundy type colour.
Anyway both palettes i have used quite a few times during 2013 and now into 2014 as i do grab for them quite often.
As you will see by my swatches i have done swatches taken with the flash and without so you can see what they are like but i have to say that they are very pigmented and have Matte colours and shimmers which is brill,i have done a video on them too if you would like to click the link below to see my youtube video in more detail then please feel free {thanks} and subscribe while you are there it would mean the world ♥

So yes ok you might think wow Vinny i wouldn't use the Festival colourful palette as i don't wear colours but maybe this is your year to shine and to experiment with colour,i don't mean walk down the road like a clown but having a neutral eye but then using a pop of colour just as a line under the bottom of the lash or in the crease slightly maybe to match the colour of your top/dress etc then it makes a whole lot of difference as i explain in the video but i will let you decide but honestly don't be scared of colour,work with it and you can create some amazing looks,have fun and i hope after seeing my swatches or and video you will check out the links below for Beauty-uk and superdrug and grab yourself a bargain or pop into your local superdrug and see if they have them as i don't think you will be dissapointed and i actually featured them in my 2013 fave products i loved them so much,thanks for reading,please leave any comments or questions and please remember to follow me here or bloglovin thanks guys xx
Littlemissstyleguru vinny ♥

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