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Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Review

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Review

Hi guys this is a review on the new colorburst matte balms from Revlon.If you are subscribed to me on Youtube then you will know i'm a sucker for a Matt lips so when i heard Revlon were bringing these out i just couldn't wait to get my hands on them to try them.
They do live upto my expectation 100% i love them so much and have done a Youtube video review on these already so if you would like to watch that then please click the link below,and i would love you to subscribe while you are there thanks ♥

So i went to my local Boots which is in a big City so no surprise that most of the Colours were out of stock but i grabbed 2 to begin with to give them a go and as it was 3 for 2 then i also got a cream blush too which is gorgeous.
The Balms are fresh with a hint of mint,so they smell and taste of a slight fresh mint taste which is yummy just like a lip balm so very creamy but dry's to a Matte finish.
I was so impressed with the first two that i had bought that i had to pay another visit to boots to see if they had more colours and alas they did yippeee,so i then got two more and as it was still 3 for 2 i got the photoready perfecting Primer which i will review again.
So now i owned 4 of the Matte balms which i  was over the moon about as if you have ever tried their just bitten kissable then they are very similar only a Matte finish so they stay on your lips for a good while before any touch up's are needed.
I did notice that they didn't sell the purple colour instore though which i was really gutted about as it was my fave colour,a friend actually told me they only sold it Online plus i have also been been asked quite a few times by my subscribers why they couldn't find the purple colour one which is called  {Shameless }
So i contacted Revlon asking why they only sold Shameless Online and because they have impeccable PR customer service the lady offered to send me Shameless to review so that is what i am doing.
So yes just to let you know,i did pay for all four other colour's out of my own money but was Gifted the purple colour Shameless for free from Revlon and i can't thanks them enough as of course it is my fave colour,after trying it i fell in love but then again i love them all and can't stop wearing them,i wore the pink one the other day and it lasted quite a good few hours even after drinking a few cup's of tea and eating it had only started to wear slightly,and of course anything is going to wear off your lips and this product doesn't even claim to be long lasting,it just says Matte so yes it lives up to my expectation just like most of Revlon products i use.
If you have not tried these yet then i do highly recomend them as they are handy to carry in your bag and taste nice and last too so what's there not to like.Please take a look at my swatches and i will also leave the links to where these can be purchased.
Thanks for reading and please follow my blog with Google or Bloglovin,thanks Littlemissstyleguru ♥

This first Image is the purple colour Shameless which i was sent by Revlon and can only be purchased online but it is the best such a stunning colour x

The next colour is a lovely bright pink called Showy

Next one underneath is a pinkisk peachy colour called Unapologetic

Next is a deep red stunning colour called Standout

The last colour i have is a lovely everyday rose pink called Elusive

Here are all the swatches together

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