Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Beautyuk Lipstick Review

Beautyuk Lipstick Review

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I was contacted by the PR Manager of Beauty-uk which i love as they sell in Superdrug here in the Uk and i down own some of their products already,but i was lucky enough to get to choose more products from the website to Review which obviously i was very excited about as i have reviewed their products before both here and on Youtube.
So i had a browse on the Website which is amazing btw so it took me ages to choose some things but one of the things i chose was a lipstick in the colour Snob.
I got it through and if your like me and smell lipsticks ha ha then you will love it as they smell of a hint of mint and taste fresh and minty too which is a bonus,the colour was stunning and a total bonus bonus is that it was more of a matte,not too matte though but stayed on my lips for ages.
here is the Website Link below to have a look for yourself ♥

I just can't believe i had never tried one of their lipsticks before and nobody had said to me how good they were as in all honesty i was blown away for the price,i was that blown away that i'm the one reviewing this but i went out and had to purchase more as i loved the texture so much,and they had a buy one get one half price deal on in Superdrug so i took advantage and bought another four,they are £3.49 each but when the offer is on it's great,i will leave the Superdrug link here too.

I have done a video review on this so if you would like to see that then please click the link below for Youtube and if you would Subscribe to my channel too it would mean so much thanks

so yes to conclude this blog you can probably guess that i loved it,thanks so much beautyuk i will continue to purchase your products,thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru Vinny ♥

so the are the colours i now own the swatches from left to right start off with snob no3,passion no10,gossip girl no9,In the buff no7 then last one is Pink my ride no16


  1. I bought one of these a while ago, I have really dry lips, it just did not look good on me, maybe the formula has changed now or something, i've seen some great reviews on beauty uk lipsticks, so maybe It was just mine lol

  2. I love them but if you have dry lips then i think kost of their lipsticks are Matte which is prob why you didn't get on with them although they do sell a few moisture ones it just doesn't seem to tell you which is which and that's kind of a pain xx♥xx


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