Wednesday, 26 March 2014

H&M Lip Tints Tars Makeup

H&M Lip Tints Tars Makeup

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So this blog is about some new items i picked up from H&m,i didn't even know H&m did Makeup but thinking about it i should of guessed seen as Topshop Newlook and even Primark do.
Well i saw they had a range of Matte Lipsticks so i grabbed one and it was £3.99 and i love it but this blog is about the most amazing Lip tints or Tars if you would rather call them that.
I saw they were £2.9 so i grabbed 3 right away as they looked so pretty and i know even the Sleek ones are £5 each so £2.99 is amazing is it not.
You can't try them in the shop as they are sealed heance me doing this blog and my Youtube Video to show how highly pigmented they are and the tiny amount you need to use,so please click the Video below to see them in action and the way they just glide onto the back of my hand.i would love you to subscribe while you would there as it makes me so happy when i know people actually like my video and Blog ♥♥

I think i will now let the photos do the talking as i loved them so much i had to go back and get the last two as i think they only do 5 colours but they are all gawjus.

ok so from left to right they are called,Bubble gum pink then Raspberry red then Hot Pink then Tangerine then last one is Deep red,and can you see the tiny amount i needed to create such a great pigmented look so these will last a while and again for the price amazing,please check them out next time your near H&M or click below to buy H&m Cosmetics online

Thanks for reading as these are most deffo a new fave of the month,all my love vinny Littlemissstyleguru x♥x

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