Monday, 3 March 2014

Miners The Matte Factor Lip Paint Review

Miners The Matte Factor Lip Paint Review

Hi all I was Kindly sent this product by Miners Cosmetics to review and it's called The Matte Factor and is a lip paint for your lips which lasts such a long time,kissproof.
I really enjoy wearing Matte on my lips as you can quite happily have a drink or a bite to eat with it not even budging and that's what we all want from a lip product right?
They sent me a really nice everyday colour very neutral so can be worn with anything,it's called cappuccino and if you want to see it on the lips and a more indepth review please see my Youtube video underneath and i would love you to subscribe while you are there and follow me here too ♥

so you will see by my video is stunning,it's very similar to the cream puffs by collection if you have ever tried them but i do think this miners one has a nicer smell taste and has a wider range of colours,i would love to try the pinks and the deep red colour too.
It's very creamy when applied and then totally dries within a minute or so of application and your good to go for a good few hours before any touch-up is needed.
It's a great price at only £3.99 so i will leave the Miners Cosmetics website below for you to check out all their great products as i would most certainly purchase more i love these.
Thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru Vinny♥

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