Thursday, 13 March 2014

Smokin Palette by Mua Urban Day Smoked Palette Dupe

Smokin Palette by Mua Urban Day Smoked Palette Dupe

So this is just a quick blog on the Smokin Palette by mua,i actually really like this palette and it's a dupe for the Urban Decay Smoked palette or meant to be a close look-alikey.
here are photo of the smokin by Mua and the smoked by Urban Decay and they are pretty similar as i own them both.

so as you can probably see they are pretty similar is colours and the pigment is really good with the Mua,i have actually always liked most of the mua palettes i own and this one is lovely and costs about £5.00.
I am going to leave my Youtube video below so you can click the link and compare swatches rom the Urban Decay and Mua,they both come with a black eye liner too,obviously i do love my Urban decay palette better as the colours are more rich and creamy but considering the price difference then if you want a great dupe,Mua is a total winner and gives it a good run for it's money,please follow my blog with google friend connect or bloglovin thanks so much as i'm trying to keep on top of bloglovin as i'm really enjoying it and also can you please subscribe to my youtube while ur there as i'm not on over 3000 subscribers which is unreal and i thanks you all,mwhaa thanks for reading and also superdrug and Mua website links are below too,love vinny Littlemissstyleguru ♥♥

Youtube Smokin Mua Vs Smoked Urban Decay Video


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    1. Thanks hun i hope you can follow my blog for another entry as your not showing up mwhaaa xxxx

  2. omg i recently brought two palettes from MUA heaven and earth and undress me too lol i already have the undressed, they all look the same to me but i've been really into natural colours on eyelids and moved on from my bright sleek palettes <3

    1. ahh yes i have them too and like to use them to save my Urban Decay palettes mwhaa thanks xxx


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