Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review

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This is a quick review on the Rimmel Stay matte primer.
So i was not a primer sort of gal going back about 6-12 months ago i never used to want to give it a go or try it,but oh dear vinny what have you been missing lol.I myself have oily skin so this is prob not great for people with dry skin although they do have a normal primer with a blue lid which i liked too until i tried this beauty.
I have now tried a few primers and i really don't like the silicone based ones much,i have tried the Urban Decay one which i loved as yes silicone type based but very velvet silky but way too pricey for me,so then i tried the Revlon Photo ready primer which i love and still love today as it cover my pores too really well but still is a tad silicone based...which leads me onto this Rimmel one where you will find in lot's of retail outlets like Superdrug,Boots Asos feelunique etc,just so you know this is what it looks like and here are the contents on the back.

This to me does not feel silicone based like the others,this is more of a cream which you can use under or over makeup or both.
The first time i tried this i wanted to give it the test of all tests lol so i tried it with my most oily foundation which is my fit me one by Maybelline,and although that is my most greasy foundation it still did well,of course it went oily but not as much as it would without.
So then i used the other day just on my T-Zone area which is very oily and also has many pores too.
I actually used a little under my normal foundation the Revlon nearly naked and then i also used a tad over my foundation too before setting with powder so yes i used twice under and over but it worked a treat for me.It was a scorching hot day and this is meant to last upto 8 hrs but mine actually lasted 9-10 and i was so chuffed.i think i have found myself a winner,ok it does not cover my pores as well as some higher end brands but as for oil then my face was pretty much oil free,ok a did sun tan my nose and my freckles came out but that's cute right?? lol
but in all fairness i would give this an 8/10 and the 2 points missing are just for the fast it doesn't cover pores as good but whooo for no more greasy face.

So this was me before leaving the house for a long long day in peppa pig world on a boiling hot day.
and the next one is of my so tired after walking around all day sweating in boiling hot sun,my face should be as slippery as a frying pan but it's not,if you can see it's actually pretty much oil free,ok my makeup has worn off a bit and i had burnt m nose and my freckles came out ha ha but apart from that oil free,so i will most defo be purchasing this again and again,i should stock up really whooo to Rimmel thanks guys i love it xx♥xx
Thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru Vinny
The links below are a few places that this can be purchased from and it's sooo cheap ♥

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