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Beauty Advent Calendars 2014 The Best picks

Battle of the best Beauty Advent Calendars for 2014 plus a few more Random Non Beauty ones to choose from!!

Hi Guys so it's that time of year where your thinking mmmm which Beauty Advent Calendar do i choose,well i thought i would list some fantastic one here which tickle my beauty taste buds and a few more that are not so beauty but still tickle my pickle.

If i had the money i seriously would buy the whole lot of them ha ha but lets be realistic,most of us can only maybe afford one so choose wisely as eeekk I'm just excited thinking about it.Plus i already know which one i hope to try.

So this one above is by Benefit and if you love Benefit then this is totally the one for you ,The Candy Coated Countdown is £60 and hopefully comes back into stock or maybe try your local Debenhams store ♥♥

Yes that's right it's The Body Shop Advent,mmm who doesn't love The Body Shop full of wonderful smells and treats galore bath time treats,it's £50 and very tempting

Love your nails and a new colour each day then look not further as Ciate also have a gorgeous advent for £49 from the Ciate website Selfridges,John Lewis and many more places too.

If skincare is more your thing then here we have the luxury Elemis Calendar,it's only 12 days but a snip at £59.50 from John Lewis or a few more places too

Yes the gorgeous one above is Jo Malone,and full of sweet smelling goodies,it's a whopping £250 but if your a gal that can't say no then treat yourself why not

           L'Occitane, £45 and full of yummy pampering treats for 13 days,,,,,

                      this is Available at from 3rd November

This is a beauty treat with behold and it's by Liberty,costs £149 and has the gorgeous Liberty print all over the inside,do i spy Nars?grab yours soon.
Available in store and at from November

It's 12 days of Christmas but who doesn't want to own the Lush Advent,I'm sure everyone will be so excited to grab one,it's £49.95 and full of shimmering Lush smelling bath and shower treats

So yes I'm really hoping to grab this little gem,it's a gorgeous No7 Advent from Boots eeekk can't wait,Miniatures of best selling products and only £35 which is very cheap,love No7 products,plus boots said they are bringing out one too so fingers crossed

Yes even Primark are doing a Beauty one which is about £15 i think plus i have also heard they are doing an accessories one for £10 which will have necklaces earrings etc,i think the beauty one is mosty nail items i have heard but we all love a bit of Primark in our life ♥

Selfridges Enchanted Spells Advent has Luxury beauty items including Lancome and Ysl and it's priced at £85,there is currently no stock but i hope it comes back into stock soon

This one looks really cool from YouBeauty and is £49.95 so a huge saving on some great beauty and skin care items,please click on the link to take a look yourself

This is deffo a fave for me as you know i love W7 and what better than a W7 Makeup Advent for that run up to Christmas? this is only a mere £19.99 and available from Tkmaxx so just click the link for a cute bargain

Ok so this is not beauty but awww i want this sooo much how cute is that and i really think everyone loves Yankee Candles,they smell delish and it's only £21.99 for a different tea light smell each day

Another non Beauty one but totally worth a look is the Topshop 


It's only £25 so such a bargain,really love this idea too

Again a non Beauty but i had to included this as my last one as who doesn't love chocolate and Lindt is Jamie's fave chocolate so i know he would love this,£9.99 so cue i love it

So they are the best of the bunch i have found,i hope you can please follow my blog using bloglovin or google friends connect to the right side of my blog.
also i have a Youtube and will be doing a giveaway at 5000 subscribers so please click the link to check it out and subscribe it would mean the world thanks vinny Littlemissstyleguru.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you will be hoping to get any of these and which one thanks i would love to know your thoughts xx♥xx


  1. Thankyou for this post, it's really helpful. I actually want to get a beauty calendar this year, I might get the Body Shop one :) x

    1. sad it came in handy Laura,i have nevught one b4 so i'm really excited,i think i want the No7 one from boots,thanks for reading hun xx♥xx


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