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Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review Swatches Uk United Kingdom

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review Swatches 

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I was so very happy when i got sent the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette from a lovely lady named Jane who runs her own Website called absolute kolor as she has a fab website which does specialise in Makeup from the Usa as that is where i purchased my Lorac 1 and 2 palettes from,I asked if she was able to get the Urban Decay Vice 3 before it came out in the uk and she got back to me on Instagram and said yes so i was going to pay through Paypal but to my shock and joy she kindly sent the palette out for free? omg yes i was jumping for joy so thankyou so much Jane.

Please click on her website here>>>>

as the website is amazing and she sells gorgeous things,i don't think she has anymore Vice 3 palettes now although i know she sells the Lorac pro and Lorac pro 2 but most of the time it is out of stock due to very very high demand,but in saying that Jane has amazing customer service and you can either reach her by email,facebook,twitter or instagram to ask her when they will be back in stock,she is Uk based but gets stuff imported from the usa especially for us Uk gals that are unable to purchase here in the nice is that.
Here are all Jane's link's to her social media so please go and follow her on twitter,instagram and Like her Facebook to stay up to date about new products thanks and you can contact her easier too.

Right now lets get talking about the palette and what a gorgeous UD palette it is.The case is a lot thinner than the other two Vice palettes and it's shiny with Vice on the front when the others have Ud,i'm not too over keen on the packaging but hey ho what's inside totally makes up for that lol although it does come in a cute handy bag with UD embossed onto the zip and could be used for other things such as to hold a tablet or as a makeup bag etc 
{it's not paded.} please see pics.

As you will see the brush is a double ended brush the same as most UD brushes but it's a metalic yellow/green which i like actually.

Now here is a view of the palette taken with the flash and without and i don't know if you agree but i think this is the most wearable palette of all the Vice palettes as they are more toned down shades not as bight so amazing for Autumn Winteri really love the rasberry shades as i love that colour for winter do you?

So there are some matte shades on the first row going down,well all four of them are matte but it seems they have the tinyest bit of glitter but i actually think this might be fall out maybe from the other colours but i have taken with and without flash to show you.

The 2nd row going down are green,teal a navy blue and coppery brown,the navy blue is more a matte and again here are swatches with and without flash.

Now the 3rd row is really pretty the top colour is a deep plum,then orange/copper brown and a white highlight colour at the bottom which again is more a matte shade but has got glitter paticles when taken with flash.

The 4th row down is my total fave of the palette as i love these colours for winter,the top colour is pale pink then a gorgeous rasberry but my most fave colour of the whole palette is the next one which is called Bondage it's a deep plum,almost a black but a plum,i wish you could see how amazing that colour is and then a vintage burnt pink rose colour omg stunning.

Then the last row is stunning too tbh as the first colour is last sin so if you love the colour sin you will love this,then a gorgeous beige a dark brown and the last colour is a chrcoal black and under the flash you will see multi glitter colours,so this row is really wearable too,i really love them all.

So to conclude my blog and my thought,then i really do love it and can see me getting so much use out of this for winter,i have not used it yet but seriously can't wait to do an eye look especially with Bondage as the colour is to die for.
This palette is not out in the uk for a few weeks,i think the start of November it should be in Debenhams so i'm sorry if i have tempted you but it will be worth the wait if you are anything like me and love Urban Decay then you will sure want this in your collection too,i would just again like to say a huge huge thankyou to Jane as without her i would of been unable to get my hands on it before release so thanks hun.
Remeber to look at her website and follow all her social media as she gets some really lovely things from the Usa and i think the website might also be stocking the Lorac Mega maybe at some point but you will have to ask as i'm not sure,she really did put herself out to get this and send it to me for free to review so thanks hun,although actually she didn't send it to review as she never asked me to but of course i would have anyway.
If there is anything in the Usa you can't get your hands on here then drop her a line,you never know she may be able to help.

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  1. Hey Vinny,

    OMg tbis palette looks amazing i love the colours, lucky & reign, ithink they are amazing. cant wait till ican gwt my hands on this palette, i could make soo many different everyday looks out of it lol.

    1. aw thanks Emily it's so stunning and deffo the morea wearable of the three vice palettes as the colours in this are gorgeous for winter,you will be chuffed when you get one hun xx♥xx


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