Monday, 6 October 2014

w7 Cosmetics Makeup Review

w7 Makeup Review

Hi guys sorry i have not blogged in a while but i'm back with a review from W7 Cosmetics who now have their own website btw whoop whoop link is below.

If You have watched or are subbed to my Youtube channel then you will know i have quite a few items from W7 as really love the brand,i have,dupes for the Urban Decay Naked 2 and 3 and Makeup brushes which i love and blushers etc.
So when W7 contacted me asking if i would like to pick some items from the website to review then what girl would'nt jump at the chance,so thanks W7.
I chose things that i thought i would love to try and here is what i chose and what i think of each item.

So i chose this Photo shoot 16 hour budge proof foundation.
I chose a light shade as i'm pretty pale and the shade was a great match,i have not got dry skin i have an oily T-zone and my fave foundation is revlon colorstay and tbh this reminded me of that so much.The formula was a bit thicker so not as runny but it was a pour bottle like the colorstay too,it applied really well and lasted the whole day.Ok i did have an oily T-zone towards the end of the day but i get that with any Foundation even higher end mac ones.
So all in all i was very very happy,it didn't go patchy and stayed looking great on my skin all day so i loved it.
Next i wanted to try this Camera ready primer as i have not found the perfect primer as yet.i do have oily skin and this is i would say Silicon based as it has that greasy texture so i would say aimed more at dry skin types,i didn't love nor did i hate as it just did nothing for my foundation that foundation doesn't do on it's own,i tried with a few foundations and it didn't spoil my foundation but it didn't make it look any better or stay any from the foundation i chose above i didn't need a primer as it looked fab without tbh,so yes it's nice enough but i would say more for dry skin than oily.

Then i chose the full colour lipsticks and wow i really love this,it's very pigmented yet really hydrating too so reminded me in a way of the revlon lip butters as felt the same on my lips as they do,i know they have a range of colours too.i usually like matte lips but when it's this pigmented i don't mind as it gives a slight stain too.
Next i said i would love to try some single shadows as i have tried the palettes and they are great but wow what can i say but i really do love these single shadows,i didn't choose the colours but the colours i was sent do compliment one another.The packaging is really cute and they feel a bit like a cream shadow they are that buttery,i love my soft shimmer eye shadows and these had no fall out at all,but i did prefer to use my finger on the lid as they are so soft,both pinky highlight colours are amazing for the brow bone or inner eye tear duct area,love love love............
I have quite a few more W7 items and really do love them as a brand,they only sell online not in high street stores,they sell in some pharmacies  and i have also seen bits on my market and tkmaxx and also savers,i really hope they branch out and one day sell in superdrug as i love the items i have tried,thanks again for sending these and i have been using them for the last month giving them a good try out,
Thanks for reading and please follow my blog with google friends or bloglovin and my Youtube which i will link below but please remember to check W7,love their makeup brushes they are spot on xx♥xx love vinny Littlemissstyleguru

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found a page on the w7 website of where you can purchase w7 from too,so the link is below thanks


  1. will have to get the primer and foundation! xx

    1. Thanks for reading Jenna the foundation for me was amazing and really stayed on well all day as been using it all month to give it a good go,my face is oily and any foundations go oily towards the end of the day even expensive ones,but yeah it didn't steak or go blotchy xx♥xx


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