Friday, 14 November 2014

Poundland Pamper Nails

Poundland Pamper Nails 

Hi guys so i thought i would purchase some pamper bits from Poundland to do my nails.
If your like me and not too great at nail art then they have some really cute gems which you will see in the photos below,so this is just a heads up,you can get cute nails and not spend a fortune.

So first i preped my hands with the cream above to make them nice and soft and smelling lush as omg if you have not smelt this then you must,it's a hand cream by Creightons and i also own the body cream and bubble bath too,it smells of toffee and has argan oil yum
So how could i not pick up this cute floral girly owl nail set,it has nail file tweezers nail clippers,and for a pound it was too tempting not to purchase,i like to keep my nails pretty short as i think it's more hygenic but for short or long nails then this would be a cute set,especially if you love owls too awww.
Then i bought 2 boxes of nail gems and you get about 12 gems in each i think,one set is colored bows and the others are different silver charms with little diamonte studs,then the nail glue which is good actually for either putting on false nails or glueing the charms to your own nails like i did.
I also grabbed these nail art tools,some people call them dotting tools i think,so that is what i used them for lol,i made spotty nails which looked really cute yet simple,then i used these 2 Jess nail polishes which again they sell in Poundland and they are brill.

so these guys are my cute finished painted decorated nails from Poundland and i must say i loved them,really sweet and so easy to do if like me your not too great at nail art.
Everything was bought from Poundland as i love that place.
Thanks for reading and hope this helped,i noticed they also are doing Christmas gems for nails too so i will try and pick some up next time for xmas.
Thanks for reading love vinny Littlemissstyleguru
Thanks also to Poundland who Follow me on Youtube,so i will leave my Youtube and Poundlands Youtube link below

I was also really happy when my fave shop followed me on Twitter too,i'm sure i live in my Poundland as i do purchase loads from there,love love love it ♥
so here is my twitter link and also the link to Poundlands Twitter page too,thanks all ♥♥

please also keep up to date with the Poundland website to see what deals they have on instore too


  1. Aww how cute do your nails look vinny ♥

    1. aw thanks Andrea hun i really appreciate you reading xx♥xx

  2. I really liked this post. I will have to (when i can get to one) do a Poundland Manicure night xx


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