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*Dupe Alert* Makeup Revolution Vs Mac Lipsticks Iconic Pro

*Dupe Alert* Makeup Revolution Vs Mac Lipsticks Iconic Pro

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This is a review on some amazing Dupes i have found by Makeup Revolution whoop whoop as they are the King of Dupes to be honest and have done some amazing ones but these really are a totally amazing find.....wait for it,yay Mac Lipstick dupes.
so before i get started,they only sell these online at the moment on Makeup Revolution website and here is the link

So they have done a new range of Lipsticks called Iconic Pro and there is a set of 20 all together although i bought 15 of them as 5 of them are the same shade only in a matte formula so i decided to get the matte of those 5 if that makes sense,anyway i found five exact Dupes for some very popular Mac lipsticks i own,so i will get onto the swatches.......

So above is a dupe for Mac Heroine and as you will see the makeup Revolution is on the left and Mac is on the right and same with the swatches,,,so can you tell the difference? as you honestly couldn't get any more Dupey if you tried and to me this is a fave and sometimes quite hard to find in Mac as it's very popular so always tends to sell out fast,the Dupe is called Liberty or Liberty Matte as they do a normal and a Matte and i chose Liberty Matte and love that name too ♥♥ Winner

So here above is another Mac fave which is Russian Red and again Makeup Revolution is on the left and Mac to the right and same on swatches,it's a fab dupe,oh Mac is ever so slightly more creamy but i think you would expect that considering mac are i think a staggering £15,50 and MUR new Iconic Pro are £2.49 ahhggg Bargain and this one is called Propoganda Matte and they also do a Propoganda normal too {again total winner}

This one above is one of my fave plum colours by Mac and it's called Rebel and Mac to the right MUR to the left,again this is going to save me so much money having such a good dupe as a backup it's amazing,this one is called No Perfection Yet by Makeup Revolution,gorgeous and i would wear this all year round {love it}

This is called Good Kisser by Mac and is quite a new one it's actually Ltd Ed from A Novel Romance Collection so i was chuffed to find a Dupe for a Limited Edition one so good on you Makeup Revolution as this is spot on and called We Were Lovers,the only difference is the Mac on the right is Matte and  MUR one is a normal but the colours are the same
{well done MUR i was so chuffed to find this}
Hard to find being Ltd now ♥♥

Last one i found is a total fave from mac by so many people and is called Candy Yum Yum,a gorgeous bright pink for summer,Mac on the right and as you can see the MUR one on the left is an exact totally exact match,what a saving as i know everyone loves Candy yum Yum,,,,the Makeup Revolution one is called It Eats You Up Matte,although they do a matte or a normal in this too.
{thank you for saving me money Makeup Revolution} ♥

I have also done a video on these Dupes if you would like to see me compare them both on my lips then click the link below to my Youtube channel and please also subscribe for more videos.

Alternatively i have also swatched all 15 lipsticks on my lips in this video if you wanted to see all of them then click the link below

My over all thoughts on the Iconic Pro new Lipsticks by Makeup Revolution is...... I'm actually a huge fan of them and omg especially the dupes as it's saved me a fortune and i know not everyone can afford Mac as even i don't have a huge collection.
They smell nice but not the same smell as Mac,they are such a gorgeous texture and do last on my lips well,i do own other MUR lipsticks and some have been patchy but these are far from patchy,so i think the formula has been changed as these are so nice for the price.
If you have always wanted to try any of these Mac colours but was a bit scared in case they didn't suit you then spending £2.49 is nothing compared to £15,50.
OK they are not Mac and not totally the same but as dupes go,these are the best i have ever seen.
 may be even more dupes in this range of 20 lipsticks but because i don't own tonnes of Mac then i could only find 5 but there could actually be more and if you find any i would love to know?which one would you love to try??? again link to Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks is below.

Thanks for reading love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥ Follow and share

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  1. Hi Vinny. MUR are fab. I have the propaganda matte and I love it and I am glad that it's a dupe for MACS Russian red.I'm enjoying your blogs. Emma xxx Keep up the good work


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