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Gold22 Argan & Shea Butter Haircare Products Review

Gold22 Argan & Shea Butter Haircare Products Review

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This is a review on some haircare products i was **kindly sent** by a company called Gold22 and here is the website

They sell a wide range of haircare and hair products on their website and as I'm into beauty and style then i said yes i would love the chance to review some items for you thanks.

It actually couldn't of come at a better time to be honest as with all shampoo's I'm not sure if you are the same but your hair can get used to the same shampoo and after a while you might need to change to another for a while? well yes i was finding my hair was going oily and greasy more frequent than usual and itchy too which really didn't make sense as i use Loreal Elvive and i love it and yes i still do love it,although this change did me good.
These are the items i chose and can i just ADD THEY ARE ALL paraben free which is a total bonus .....
I chose a shampoo,conditioner a hair Serum and a hair styling cream,they have different ones of the website for damaged hair,dry,normal hair or volume etc etc but i opted for the Argan Oil and Shea Buttering knowing this was a great option for my hair and knowing it was meant to be good for your hair too.
This is the shampoo and you get 250ml for £3.50 which isn't a bad price but i can buy cheaper on the high street.
The shampoo smelt lovely like toffee and to be fair worked into a lovely fluffy lather so i didn't need as much and my hair has been great with it and not as greasy so i think i needed that change.
This is the Conditioner and 200ml is £3.50 which again isn't bad but i can by cheaper alternatives,having said that it's lovely and smells just the same as the shampoo,it does feel like it nourishes my hair,i always leave conditioner on for about 5 Min's while in the bath anyway and add mostly to end and length of hair but never to my roots,it's very soft and i can run my fingers through my hair when it's wet.
This is the Styling cream and it's 150ml for £4.00,i don't think you get much ML for the price and should be a 200 or 250ml but you only need the smallest amount anyway
So sometimes i use a hairdryer if I'm in a hurry but i do try to leave my hair dry natural or at least partly dry naturally with a towel,then when my hair is just damp i add this Styling Hair Cream which is meant to style and stop damage from heat.
I can never say anything stops damage from heat as i wouldn't be able to tell but saying that,my hair isn't damaged so i must be doing something right,and this styles it lovely,does not make it hard or crispy but gives you more control over it while drying or straightening which is fab.
So this is the Oil Serum and costs £6.00 for 100ml,again i think you should get more for the price but honestly this is my favourite product out of everything,you only need a tiny squirt and i use this at the end to smooth down my hair and make it look glossy,i think it works a treat,i have been using for about 3 weeks now so prob used about 8 times and you can see how much is missing from the bottle {not much at all} so i really do this this is lovely.
Here is a photo of my hair after use of all these products and hopefully you can see it's healthy and shiny and you can't see but it feels very soft indeed.
This is also just another photo showing that my hair isn't flat,like the photo above shows my hair actually does swish and moves really nice with volume and texture,but not too much volume as i have thick hair anyway.

My overall thoughts are that it's really lovely and i have enjoyed using it so much,my hair doesn't feel oily or itchy and actually feels and looks great after use,i do think it's a tad pricey but then if it's working and you love a product then i would be happy to pay it.
My fave item is the oil without a doubt it's the best.

What do you think? would you buy shampoo online and do you think Argan Oil and Shea Butter are better for your hair?
Les me know your thoughts as i would love to hear what you think and again check the website out below as the do a whole range of different haircare items.
Thanks for reading Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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  1. Your hair looks lovely and shiny, I struggle with oily hair so I'll check out the website and see if there are any good things, I always like to find new things to use :) xxx

    1. Thanks Zoe i think my hair was ready for a change as it seems much less greasy after changing,i think my hair might get used to my normal one and need changing after a while,the best thing i loved was the oil to smooth down my hair and you only need a teeny tiny amount,thanks so much for reading it means the world xx♥xx


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