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Do You Wear Makeup Everyday

Do You Wear Makeup Everyday
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So the real reason i want you here is to find out if you're wear make up daily and or if you would leave the house without wearing makeup?

I live in a place where i don't know a great deal of people but i still do like to put a little bit on even if I'm just popping to the shop down the road,even if it's just a tinted moisturiser powder lippy and certainly my eyebrows lol.

I'm honestly not great with my brows but i was much worse in the past,so i at least like to fill them wonky buggers in before stepping out anywhere ha ha.But if I'm going into town or to an event or somewhere further than down the road then yes i usually do a full face of makeup. 

So going onto do i wear makeup daily, then from my stupidly extensive collection you would think yes.But in all honesty i never usually wear makeup at home only when I'm filming youtube videos,oh if your new i have 2 youtube channels,one for beauty/style and other is family;links are below if you would like to subscribe.

So yes i wear for filming videos once or twice a week and if we go out which isn't very often due to my crappy anxiety at home i don't bother tbh but I'd love to know if you do? 

Looking back to before i had kids then i probably wore it more often then if I'm honest.So maybe it's just I've slacked or i have not got the energy or the time.

I would love to get chance to play around with it more but I'm always so tired,looking after 2 kids and 2 bonkers kids at that is so tiresome;but then again you can tell in my appearance,gosh even Teegan my nearly 4 yr old says mummy you have really big bags under your eyes,yes thank you darling your so kind lol.

Here is me at home doing a face mask then  makeup free .......

Then here is me underneath how i usually look to go out. 

A video Below is my Makeup collection about 5 months back,so will have to do an updated one soon maybe i think xxx

So do you wear a full face when you go out? How long does it take you,i mess about listening to music lol so takes me half hour or more. Are you ashamed to go out wearing none? I'm ok if i wear a tiny bit as don't feel so naked,plus I'm 36 so not looking any younger lol.

Let me know if you do or not as I'd love to know,thanks for reading love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xxxxx

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  1. I've barely been wearing any but I think that's been mainly due to my depression so I'm trying to challenge myself to do my skincare and hair and makeup daily to see if this will help me as it seems to have came back with a vengeance lol (I've already wrote a comment but wasn't signed into google just in case two come up lol)

    Sophie xxx

    1. ahh hi Sophie sorry your depression is so bad,i feel up and down too and just constantly feel tired so i just have not got the energy to be bothered either,i should also push myself like you though and make more of an effort to see if that helps but most days i feel crappy,thanks for reading hun and so many people have mental health problems,i'm so glad we have the internet to share our thoughts and feelings with each other,big hugs xx♥♥xx


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