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Freedom Makeup Pro Glow review Swatches

Freedom Makeup Pro Glow review Swatches

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This is a review on the new powders from Freedom called Pro Glow,they do 4 different shades at £2.50 each which is an amazingly cheap price,so of course i couldn't resist buying all four of them,i mean look how pretty they are....

So i took individual photos and then the swatch will be underneath,when i swatched them with my finger i thought oh nooo it was so pretty and now Ive mixed all the colours by swatching it,but i dusted over with a brush and it was back to normal again,such a cool pretty design,a lot of brands have done a similar design including Too Faced,Benefit and W7.
Prettiness makes all the difference to me when buying makeup.

So the first one above is called Pro Glow Purr and leaves a gentle bronze colour so not over powering at all,such a pretty shade for the summer ♥

Next is Pro Glow Roar and this is a deeper shade of brown which would make a fab bronzer or even contour shade it's gorgeous ♥

This is Pro Glow Meow and a gorgeous brown,just a lighter shade than above,so if you have more pale skin it's beautiful ♥

Last one is Pro Glow Pink cat and it's such a pretty pink blush shade with a very slight shimmer ♥

You can use them as individual colours or swirl them around which i did,i wouldn't say any of them have a huge amount of highlight at all as i thought they were going to be very shimmery but not at all,they actually seem more a matte shade to me once mixed.
Above is a photo after i had swatched them,but then i dusted with a brush and as you can see back to normal again.
They would look beautiful on your dressing table or vanity and at that price you would be mad not to grab them all.

which one do you like the look of? would you try one or get them all as i would love to know?
Do they draw you in because they are sooo pretty as that is what made me purchase them,but I'm so glad i did.
Thanks for reading and please click the links below for the Freedom website where you can purchase these or they also sell Freedom on beauty Crowd which i will also link below too.
Thanks Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

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  1. Need them all!! They are gorgeous 😊 xxx

    1. Thanks Charlotte,they are so pretty,i love pretty makeup,makes all the difference i think and cheap too xx♥xx


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