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Mutton Dressed as lamb can't Help Ageing

Mutton Dressed as lamb can't Help Ageing

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Anyway i shall get back to the title of this blog which is mutton dressed as lamb,which we all know this means,an older person trying to dress as if they were younger {a lamb} lol
The majority of you reading my blog are probably younger but if you are older like myself and don't have a clue how to dress for your age then please come and join the club aghhh.

I'm 36 years young {old} and in my 20's i was very slim,i was a size 8 actually would you believe,so i could pretty much wear what i wanted without feeling uncomfortable or too old,so this blog is prob about wearing the wrong clothing or more so the wrong clothing for my shape maybe?

ever since i hit the age of 30 i started to feel a bit weird wearing short skirts and heels or denim shorts or the skorts that have been around for the last few years.
So I'm very conscious of what i wear and half the time i look into the mirror and feel a complete dickhead tbh.Then i get changed around 3 times usually to cover my belly which i hate with a passion.but then i look all frumpy :(

Even though i love fashion and love everything about it,i just don't like it on me,or i can't get it right,I'm a total short ass as I'm only 5"1,i used to be thin but now i feel a blob,yes my own doing,i have 2 kids and it took me ages after Teegan to lose all the weight and fair play i did,but then i put it all back on with Tayum again grrr,plus i love my food,i do exercise but half the time I'm too tired to do anything by the time the kids have gone to bed.
So above is me about the age of 20 ish full of confidence,i was thin and tanned and felt young enough to wear body con type dresses or mini skirts or short shorts etc lol
Now 16 yrs on and I'm 36 and this is me now,OK i don't look too bad in this photo,i was breathing in lol but the jeans are actually a size 14 from Zara :( i wouldn't say i was mutton dressed as lamb here but i do get very confused when I'm out shopping for clothing.
I usually see all these skimpy short tops or dresses etc but keep having to tell myself that I'm not 21 I'm 36 and I'm not a size 8 anymore with a flat tummy,more like a fat tummy.
So i end up buying some leggings or joggers and a baggy top and then i look a mess and feel rubbish.

Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling stuck in a fashion rut because of my age and changing shape.
same is happening with makeup too,although i love love love coloured shadow,i can't get away with it like i used to and it's not fair boo as i really love playing with wild looks.
I do still like to add a pop of colour though to my eyes mixed with neutral too

I really don't think Victoria Beckham has this problem as she always look beautiful and does dress for her age,but then again she is so thin and I'm not,some people are not conscious of their size and i really do applaud you for that,but I'm so very conscious i hate it ,but i love eating lol so i lose all round.

Let me know your thoughts and do you find it difficult to dress either for your age,shape or both,wouldn't it be wonderful to have our very own stylist to help us say yep that looks amazing.
Thanks for reading love always littlemissstyleguru Aka Vinny ♥

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  1. You still look great! I'm 49 & basically I wear what I want. I see women in there 60s & 70s wearing up to the minute fashion and to be honest some of them look amazing and some of them look like mutton dressed as lamb! If I had your looks & figure I wouldn't have to worry about what I looked like! Xxx ❤ xxx

    1. aw thanks Andrea,i just think when i hot 30 i was bamboozled into knowing what to wearb as certainly my figure was changing and i wasn't going out clubbing or anything anymore lol,i try to wear what i like but i do get confused then end up looking frumpy,wish a had a personal shopper lol,thanks hun xx♥xx

  2. Hey hun, firstly let me just tell you how excited I was to see that you were following my blog thanks so much for that it's very much appreciated and secondly I completley understand where you are coming from I turned 37 this year and it can be difficult finding the right clothes that you feel comfortable in.
    I think as long as you feel comfortable that's all that matters I wouldn't personally wear a bodycon dress myself because you can see every inch of fat that you have on you I think these dresses are really great for slim people but if people have the confidence to wear these dresses then good for you.
    I personally think you look great the way you are but I am in agreement the older you get the harder it can be to choose the right clothing especially if you are not the same size you used to be.
    I have never been one for coloured eye shadow but I have started using it on my lower lash as eyeliner to get a nice pop of colour for the summer which I think looks really nice and it's quite subtle too then having a full eye of colour.
    Hope your having a good weekend hun.


    1. Hi Andrea aw your only a year older than me then,yep i do find it very hard now as i walk into primark or topshop and it's full of youngers funky teeny bopper clothing,i was shocked at how small a size 4 was as i have never looked before tbh but i saw size 4 jeans in topshop and thought omg they wouldn't go around my calf,i did used to be size 8 though in the photo above and could get away with tight bodycon dresses,i would never wear anything like that now,but i would like to if i still had my figure,i never wear really short skirts either and nothing tight over my tummy,but i just then end up looking frumpy,grrr it's hard isn't it.Yeah i have always liked colour,but i still like adding pops of colour the same as you hun,thanks for reading it means the world xx♥xx

  3. I think it's all to do with the imagination. A lot of people will picture how it is from what they envision in their mind and instead of feeling good in what they wear they end up feeling terrible because it's now how they want it to look.
    I'm only eighteen, but I'm overweight and tall and I'm not all too confident with how I look, so on that end I know how you feel.
    If it's any consolation, I think you're beautiful


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