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New Olympea Paco Rabanne from Escentual

New Olympea Paco Rabanne from Escentual

Hi Guys welcome back to my blog,if your new then hi my name is Vinny,if your not following my blog then please do using google friends connect or bloglovin as it makes me so happy ♥

So i thought i would blog about the new perfume called Olympea by Paco Rabanne as this is a set that i won from a giveaway on Twitter from the company

Plus before i go into this blog can i just say that Escentual has got a 20% offer going on at the moment on all products up until the 18th Aug 2015 with code  ESCENTUAL20  which is just an offer not to be missed.

Omg i was totally over the moon to win this and didn't realise i was winning the whole set,eekk i was just jumping for joy when i found out so thanks so much to escentual ♥

They sent it out to me right away and it came today {the next day} and straight away i couldn't even wait to use it and went for a bath ha ha i just couldn't wait.
Lotion200ml  plus a cute nail file as seen in the picture with the website name on :)
So the perfume is stunning,i won't go into notes of the smell as I'm no expert when it comes to telling you about notes of jasmine etc lol,i could google it or copy the website but i won't as most people don't really understand notes either,so i will just say that it's not too too sweet but also not musky and not too over powering although will last a good 5-8 hrs on my skin,i would say it's more on the sweet side but not too sickly sweet,but i think to me i can smell a hint of coconut especially when it dies down a little,well on my skin it smells like that,and i love that smell too,if you have not tried this yet then please do as i would say it's a sexy seductive smell,i own a few by Paco Robanne already so i thought i would love this too,and i do love everything about it,you can purchase in 30ml 50ml or 80ml and this above is the 50ml bottle.
The bottle is a gorgeous Laurel shape to the outer edges and with rose gold it just oozes class.
Please click the link below if you would like to find out more and purchase this item.
So i had a bath with the shower gel and only used a small amount as it bubbled up well,i didn't want to put much in as i don't want to waste it ha ha,but i also lathered it up over my body in the bath and it smelt divine,i could smell it when i got out of the bath after drying myself etc.It's so nice to have the matching smells {very posh} and smells just like the perfume, so if you would like to see more details or purchase this product then the link is below.
So above is the body lotion and aww i really creamed myself up after my bath it is pure luxury,again it smells the same as the perfume and i could smell it for a good few hours after my bath,
You don't actually need to apply too much as it spreads really nice,it's a lotion so not really buttery and thick it's more thin and milky {beautiful}
Really love the packaging and the wings and colours,it's all so girly and feminine and would look great on your dressing table or vanity.
If you would like to find out more details or want to purchase then please click below.

I'm so very thankful to Escentual as never in my wildest dreams did i think i would win,so to win this gorgeous smelling new perfume that i was thinking of purchasing anyway was a total shock,a lovely happy shock,isn't it all so gorgeous ♥♥♥
here is the link to see the whole set....

I actually didn't know how much Escentual sold,their website is amazing they sell everything from perfume,aftershave to makeup,skincare,haircare gifts and have items for women and men.
I will leave the link below as they don't just sell perfume but some amazing brands,i could spend all evening browsing and spending money i don't have ha ha,but window shopping is still good as then when next payday rolls around and you have your eye on something whoop whoop
Enjoy shopping and thanks for reading,as always love from Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny x♥x

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