Tuesday, 28 July 2015

So Are We A Nation of Naked Nude Neutral Natural Makeup Crazy People

So Are We A Nation of Naked Nude Neutral Natural Makeup Crazy People

Hi welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.
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So i thought i would just have a quick chat about makeup,lol me talk about makeup  (no really ) ha ha 

Can i just ask how many neutral makeup eyeshadow palettes you own or neutral lipsticks?  If you are normal you might own 3 or 4 at a push,although if your not normal like me lol and do maybe youtube or blogging or you just love makeup then you might own tons. 

Are you getting a bit sick of the whole Naked Nude Neutral Natural thing?
I didn't think I'd ever say this but i am you know,OK I'm a collector of Urban Decay so nothing in the world would  stop me from  beating down crowds for the Naked palettes and new Naked Smoky out soon lol and also likewise I'm very fond of Makeup Revolution so i can't say no to them when they bring out new items. 

There are so so many copies of the Naked palettes though copies of Naked 1 2 and 3 and even copies of Naked basics 1 and 2.
Just off the top off my head i own dupes by Mur, mua, W7. 
Which are all great but then i also own a billion more neutral palettes. 

Which OK i should stop buying so my own fault but the adverts draw me In and just the thought of new Makeup tbh,I'm like a moth to a flame or a sucker to every makeup company who are rubbing their hands together and prob thinking, ha ha that vinny she's such a sucker and they would be right :(

Although i have stoped myself now at times and thought nope i don't actually need this. I  mean Maybelline and Loreal are a few years too late bringing theirs out, this is why i haven't bought either of  them. 

I do think people are scared of colour and i admit now I'm a bit older i prefer a neutral eye most days but omg i only have 2 eyes not 102 lol so please steer away from nude palettes makeup industry and come out with new idea's that float my boat. 

Bring back the 80s and just be done with it as I wanna start rocking wild colours for a change haha. 
No i do own loads of brights too,I'm just sick of seeing same old same old and something new needs to be born. 

This is why Makeup Revolution are my top of the pops as they do cater for a wide audience and have a wide variety at an affordable price and amazing quality.They are different from other brands that have duped the Urban Decay Naked palettes as they have also done dupes on. ...Lorac, Too Faced, sleek,Tarte just to name a few.
They are my #Dupekings that do really  tickle my pickle as do Urban Decay. 

But anyway this rambling blog is trying to point out that i think the world is nude crazy and I'm a tad bored off it.

What i would like to see are palettes made in mind of seasons; like one for autumn with golds green rustic colours and winter red, berry,chocolate brown with a hint of Christmas about it, then a pastels spring palette and a summer sunny palette with reds orange yellow etc etc lol i think you get the gist. Plus same with lipsticks. 

Please tell me your thoughts as i do think Makeup Companies have gone a bit stale on the idea's front and need some good ideas or they will just go bust or get bought out and re vamped. 

This is why http://www.makeuprevolutionstore.com/ is keeping on top of the game as they are actually involving themselves with the public  (like us) and actually asking what we would like to see next. 

I've never seen any other makeup brand asking what people would like to see next lol and this is where they (other brands) are going wrong, they are bringing out Makeup that they think we would like to see,or they think is bang on trend a few years too late lol grrr. 

Would love to hear from you and thanks for reading love always Littlemissstyleguru aka vinny xxxxx 

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  1. This is a funny post idea hehe! I know what You mean I'm slightly "sick" of it, too! But I think for people that are new to makeup and to APPLYING it They'd want to stick to neutral palettes and "naked" looks!
    Anyway such a sweet post :D
    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

    PS: I'm from last night's #askablogger chat! I followed bloglovin do follow back pretty please ^_^

    1. Thanks so much Sj yes i followed you on your blog and twitter thanks your so pretty i looked at your photo lastnight when i subscribed to your blog,young and beautiful,yeah i know what you mean,i think people are a bit scared of colour,i'm not but the older i get i am really ,but it just seems nobody is making an effort and it's all naked neutral bare everything seems to be going that way lol,thanks for reading,need something fresh and i'm totally going to bring back the 80's xx♥xx


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