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Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked Dupe Alert VS Urban Decay Smoked Palette

Makeup Revolution Hot Smoked Dupe Alert VS Urban Decay Smoked Palette

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whoop whoop i have a "Dupe Alert" from Makeup Revolution and it's a dupe for the Urban Decay Smoked Palette but the MUR palette is called Hot Smoked.
I really love Urban Decay but this was actually one of my least fave palettes although i do use it when i remember,but i thought i would buy the the dupe to compare and use as a back up.

For some reason the Makeup Rev palette has two more extra colours at the end so you are gaining two more colours and they are lovely colours too.

The colours of the Urban Decay are slightly more pigmented and more buttery but the colours i actually like much more from the MUR palette are the purple blue and green,those three next to each other in the middle and bottom row of UD,i just think are better from MUR as i know it sounds mad but those colours in the UD palette are just too smokey for me,if blended too much they turn into more of a black but in the MUR they stay true to colour and very will hopefully see by the swatches what i mean but some of the colours themselves are a spot on dupe bit some are slightly different shades,but pretty similar.
Makeup Revolution is top row and Urban Decay bottom row,very similar huh,except can you see the two extra purple shades you get on the top row from MUR,so more for your money.

Not that these are expensive as the Urban Decay palette is very hard to get hold of now and was in the region of about £36,but because it's hard to get your hands on then this is a god send and it's only .....wait for it............£4.00 omg i know what a bargain.
I really don't know how they can do it for that price it's amazing,but if you have always fancied the look of the Ud Smoked palette but didn't have the funds then now is your chance as it's too much of a bargain to pass up,plus it's either available from the MUR website or Superdrug and both links are below.

You can also pick it up in your Superdrug store too if they sell Makeup Revolution.

This palette does have a great mix of neutrals with a pop of darker colour,great for the coming Autumn,would you like to try this or do you own it already and what do you think?

Thanks for reading as always,love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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  1. thank you for the review :*
    your post makes me sure to buy makeup revolution hot smoked palette
    the colors are so pigmented. love it <3

    1. ahh thanks for reading Amanda that's really kind,i love Makeup revolution and the dupes are so fantastic for the price and yes very pigmented,thanks hun xx♥xx

  2. Really interesting post, I love Makeup Revolution eyeshadows! Think I might need to add that one to my collection hehe :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  3. Thanks Maeve so much,yeah i really love every palette i own by them,i really have far too many now hee hee but they are such a bargain i can't help myself ,thanks for reading xx♥xx


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