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Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush Review Swatches

Makeup Revolution The Matte Blush Review Swatches

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So this is a review of the Makeup Revolution full set of Matte blushers called The Matte Blush.
So there are six shades to collect and they are only £3.00 each but contain a whopping 8.9g of product.
These are a fairly new release by Makeup revolution so of course i had to purchase them ♥ 
The packaging is elegant yet simple and sturdy,i like the fact you can see the colours so the lid isn't hidden unlike the Sleek blushers which i really love,although after now owning quite a fair few of MUR blushers in the palettes and now these then i think my mind has been totally swayed,these are just as pigmented as Sleek and cheaper too,i wouldn't say these were dusty but they are very pigmented so just use a light hand.
I love the range of colours they have chosen as these will see you the year round,they have pinks,peachy nudes and more vibrant tones,so great whatever season we are in ♥

I have done the swatches right next to the window with no flash so the colours are as true to life as they can be,they have no shimmer and most of the time i prefer a matte blush as then i can add my own highlight.
Gorgeous  pigmented barbie pink called Dare.
Here we have a peach toned shade called Beloved.
This is called Nude,it looks quite dark but just use a light hand and it's one of my faves
Fusion is quite similar to beloved but a bit darker and more a peachy pink.
This one is just w@w i love it,you certainly only
need a light hand with this one but the colour is amazing and called New Rules.
Divine is also one of my faves as it's a light soft baby pink that would suit most complexions but especially pale.

I do love the way MUR have Revolution embossed into the powder as love any attention to detail.

I'm so very happy with these and i would say they are well worth £3.00,do you own any yet? would you love to try any and if so i would love to know which one you would like to try?

You can purchase yours here on the Makeup revolution website or Superdrug also sell MUR too,so i will leave both links.

Thanks always for reading,take care love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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  1. Hello Vinny,
    I don't own yet any of the MUR matte blushes but their pigmentation I had the chance to see thanks to your swatches is pretty impressive. The Blush Palette Ultra is in my wishlist. Do you think they can be a replacement for elf studio blushes? Thank you for this review, it has been very useful for me.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and thanks for reading hun,i don't own any elf blush at all so i couldn't say but i would say these are on par if not better than Sleek if you have ever tried those and for cheaper too,sleek was always my favourite for everything like blush and even eye shadow palette but now Makeup revolution have come alone with just as much pigment for a cheaper price and hundreds of products then they are my fave drustore over anybody now,hope this helps but yes i love the blush palette mur do too as i own quite a few and use them all the time xx♥xx

  2. I love the first and the last ones!! How funny I was talking about blusher lol!

    1. I know i thought it was funny when you said about blusher as wrote this yesterday,these are lovely and yes the pinks are gorgeous,they are totally matte and have no shimmer at all if you prefer that but only available on the web at the mo,but they do some gorgeous blush palettes in superdrg for £6 and you get lots of colours and highlight colour too,great value and just as pigmented too,also they do a just cream blush palettde too,thanks Rose xx♥xx

  3. I was looking for some makeup last weekend, and was looking at reviews for Makeup Revolution, I watched a few videos and came across yours, I am so pleased I found your channel as I am 34 and have 3 children so its nice to watch reviews someone you can relate too! I placed a Makeup Revolution Order last weekend but then saw your post on Facebook about an offer on their site for spending £30 and getting £30 worth of free stuff! haha, I could not resist! Cant wait to see more of your reviews!

    1. Hi Rachel aw that's great thanks,your a few years younger than me i'm 36 booo,but what's a few years between friends hee hee,i'm so glad you liked the MUR reviews but i can't help placing an order either and i know £30 for free is fab when you spend 30 so couldn't resist lol,hope you love everything you get through as i'd love to know,thanks for reading hun and such a lovely comment xx♥xx


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