Saturday, 19 September 2015

A to Z Tag Get To Know Me

A To Z Tag Get To Know Me

Hi all welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny,please follow my blog using google friends connect or bloglovin as it's so easy and makes me so so happy when i get that email to say i have a new follower ♥♥

So i thought instead of beauty beauty beauty then i would do a quick tag i saw on facebook,not sure the name of this tag but it's from A to Z and it might help you get to know me a little more too,if you want to do this tag feel free and let me know if you do as i would love to read too x♥x

(A)- Age: 36 years young :(

(B)-Biggest fear: My family or myself to get really ill and die.

(C)-Current time: 1:10am

(D)-Drink you last had: Cup of Tea,usually coffee but Tea

(E)- Easiest person to talk to:Jamie my partner
(F)- Favourite song:The Drugs Don't Work by,,,The Verve
(G)- Ghost are they real: Yes i think so

(H)- Hometown: Southampton

(I)- In love with:Jamie and my children

(J)- Jealous of:Nobody 
(K)- Killed someone: maybe ha ha {nope}
(L)-Last time you cried: Prob at Coronation street other night

(M)- Middle name: Colleen
(N)- Number of siblings: 3
(O)- One wish: For my children to grow happy & healthy

(P)- Person who you last called: Jamie

(Q)-Question you're always asked:not question,told to smile

(R)-Reason to smile:My Children and partner

(S)- Song last sang:something 80's no doubt can't remember
(T)- Time you woke up:7am

(U)- Underwear colour:Red
(V)- Vacation destination:what vacation (what a joke)

(W)- Worst habit:chewing my lips grrr
(X)- X-rays you've had:leg,hands,elbows,knees,tummy

Y)- You're favourite food: Sunday roast,stew or Shepard's pie
(Z)- Zodiac sign:Aquarius

If you didn't know i also have a beauty/style youtube channel 

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Love always Littlemissstyleguru aka vinny xx♥xx

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