Sunday, 20 September 2015

Freedom Makeup London Coming To Superdrug Stores

Freedom Makeup London Coming To  Superdrug ♥

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So this was just a heads up blog really as just in case you had not heard the exciting news already then Freedom Makeup is coming to Superdrug whoop whoop.
So Freedom Makeup are the more Pro Sister brand of Makeup revolution and if you read my blog or watch my Youtube then you will know I'm {in Love♥} with Makeup Rev.
I also own quite a few Freedom items now which i also love which is no surprise hee hee....

Freedom have a great website which also offer Makeup courses with Glamdolls which look fantastic and will be started again next Year so keep your eye out for dates.
Also Freedom Makeup is available from Beauty Crowd who sell all different brands of Makeup,so if you would like to check them out then please click the link below

But as of October 2015 Freedom Makeup will also be introduced into Superdrug stores.
I think it will be gradual and they will be going into a few at a time like they did with Makeup revolution,I'm sure closer to the time they will have a list of stores on their facebook.
So keep your fingers crossed that it goes into your Superdrug first hee hee as they have such fantastic items and really affordable too just like MUR.
Really hope it goes into mine first but i doubt it lol we seem to get everything last,

I have done quite a few blogs now on different Freedom Makeup items and here are a few to give you an idea of the quality of items they sell....

So above are a selection of my Freedom Makeup blogs for you to browse through and see the pigmentation to this brand.
I will also leave Freedom's social media below as they do have a Youtube channel,twitter,facebook and instagram so please go and show your support by giving them a follow thanks all...

If you are more interested in watching a few Freedom Youtube video's i have done then check out my Video's below thanks..

So there we have a few video's and blogs to keep you going,if you love what you see then please follow my blog i would be so chuffed and also be happy if you subscribed to my youtube too..

Are you as excited as me to see Freedom Makeup in Superdrug as I'm really excited to see the new products they are bringing out too,or do you own any Freedom yourself as would love to hear your thoughts on the brand.

Thanks for reading as always love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny and show Freedom some support and love too ♥♥♥

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