Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Freedom Pro Decadence Palette - Magic Palette Makeup Review

 Freedom Pro Decadence Palette - Magic Palette Makeup Review

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This is a review on the Freedom Makeup eye shadow palette called Magic with 20 stunning shades.
If you still have not heard of Freedom then they are the sister brand and more Pro brand of Makeup revolution.
As you know i love MUR so I'm bound to love Freedom too :)
You can purchase this palette fro the Freedom Website or the Beauty Crowd Website .
As you can see this is the most beautiful neutral shadow palette,to the left of the palette you will see matte shades and to the right stunning shimmery shades.I do think you need both matte and shimmer in a palette for it to be usable without reaching for another palette,this has a matte highlight and shimmer one too which again is a must for me,I love to have a shimmer highlight for the inner corner of my eye but love a matte highlight for the brow bone,also a few crease colours to choose from so a huge thumbs up.

Now onto the swatches,i took the photos with and without flash to give you an idea of what shadows have shimmer etc.

This is with no flash....
 Next is with flash....

So my verdict of this palette is that you get 20 stunning shades for £6.00 which is crazy cheap and totally worth the money as they are buttery and blend well and very pigmented,so glad i purchased this♥

Do you own this? if not then click the links below to check it out and other items from Freedom too....

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  1. I discoverd youre blog when i was looking for a review of this pallet. Normally i dont read blogs that arent dutch [im from the nethetlands] but i love yours because you have a lot off make-up revolution wich i addore too.Your reviews are very helpfull to me and helped me decide wich pallet to order from make-up rev. Sorry for my bad english and hope to read more blogpost from you in the future. Greetings from Sacha

    1. hI SACHA OH WHAT A LOVELY COMMENT THANKS SO MUCH AND I'M REALLY HAPPY THAT THIS HELPED,I'M A TOTAL FAN OR mAKEUP REVOLUTION AND NOW fREEDOM mAKEUP AS IT IS THE SISTER BRAND, ,,,oopps caps sorry just realised,oh you have much better English than me hun so don't worry about that lol,lovely to meet you and thanks for reading it means so much xx♥xx have a fab weekend


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