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Glo & Ray Cosmetics Review Makeup

Glo & Ray Cosmetics Review Makeup

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So i was sent a few items to review from a company called 
Glow & Ray,i had never actually heard of this company before so i thought it would be great to try out a new brand.
So i got sent three items and straight away i though the packaging was simple and elegant bold lettering that really stands out.

The first item i was sent was a long wearing mousse eye shadow in the colour Ecru Land 450.
I wouldn't say it feels like mousse as it's not soft it's hard yet very creamy,this colour was a very light gold champagne with a shimmer.
i wore this all over the lid last week and applied just using my finger,it was simple and looked great actually with just black winged liner on top,a very simple quick look.
Did it last all day???
Yes I'm totally happy to say that it lasted the whole day from morning to night without creasing at all,this is a very pale shade so i would love to try more darker or vibrant shades too.
The link is below to check out the colours as they are so very creamy,i would love to see how intense and pigmented the other shades are too.

Then here i was sent a navy blue liner which is nice as it's different from your everyday black.It is in the colour Eternity,the packaging is matte and nice to the touch and it's a long lasting eye liner.It goes onto my water line OK but i wouldn't say it is the best,i would use this more below my lashes or to smudge as it's a really gorgeous smokey colour.
This  is a wind up liner so no need for sharpener which is fab.
They do a few different colours and if you would like to purchase then here is the link ♥ 

The last thing i was sent is a mascara called Infinite lash definition mascara.
I didn't actually expect it to be so small,i don't mean the product but the brush,the brush is tiny tiny which is really good actually for getting to my bottom lashes.I always use two mascara's mixed anyway,doesn't matter what brand i always use two as gives me more of an umph.
So i would say this was great for bottom lashes more and it's really black and lasts well.
If you would like to check this out then the link is below..

So my thoughts are that i really did like everything although i would like to try more from the company,maybe some lip products and different colours in the mousse shadows too as mine wore perfect the whole day long
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