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Milani Makeup From Beauty Crowd Review

Milani Makeup From Beauty Crowd Review

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So this is a review on some items i purchased from Beauty Crowd Pro from Milani as i only own one or two items,so was really excited to buy more.
I'm so glad i did and would like to share with you what i purchased.

So this was my package and i was so eager to open it as Beauty Crowd website always packages things so well and send out to you really fast,i got this within 2 days :)
Here are the goodies i bought,as you can see i got a selection so i will go through them one by one,but how amazing do they look?
Seriously i was drooling lol hee hee ♥

Beautiful green shimmery baked eye shadow,i love using green on my brown eyes and this is a glittery type with high pigmentation in a dome shape {very cute}it is called Runway eyes 08 shamrock and also can be used dry or even wet for more intensity.
Here is a link to Milani on Beauty Crowd as they don't sell everything i have as they do run out of Milani very quick so be quick to see what they have on offer...

Next is a beautiful cream matte shadow with only a slight sheen so great as a base colour or for me an under brow bone highlight as white is sometimes a bit too harsh,so being cream is perfect and it's called 01 Bella Ivory gel powder eyeshadow,not sure why it's called gel as doesn't feel gel one bit just a soft powder form.again check out the link above as they are adding new Milani items all the time and they go out of stock quite quick 
{very popular} pretty brand ♥

So the above blush was one of the items i couldn't wait to get my hands on,I'm a total sucker for pretty makeup and this is by far some of the most beautiful designs i have seen,i got a beautiful peach shade so great for all year around to be honest,it is a matte and has no shimmer but as you can see is very pigmented and would look fantastic on your vanity/dressing table.
This is called Coral Cove no05
They do have these in stock the link is below

So here is a cute milani palette i got,again i really love purple on my brown eyes but i think purple suits anybody.You get six colours from light to dark,some are matte some are shimmer.
The palette comes with a small applicator,they are in strips which looks really pretty but can be hard to use with your brush,also i don't think they are the most pigmented i have ever seen so i took one photo with and without flash for you to see the difference,but still quite pigmented and very beautiful.
Called Runway eyes03 couture eyes in purples.
This is a Milani anti feathering lip liner in transparent.
I have not tried this yet as own a few by different brands in these transparent liners,so i can say the others i have tried are fab,You can use this with any colour lipstick or any lip product really to stop it feathering,so get flawless defined lips with this,check it out on the link below..

This is probably my favourite item along with the flower blusher at the top,omg this lipstick is just 
"DA BOMB" can i say that if I'm not American ha ha,but honestly this is the most gorgeous lipstick ever,the colour is perfect and a Milani Matte,although it's not drying it's just thick and creamy,i know you will just love them,this is in shade 71 matte Flirty,but they do have many shades,the link is below if you would like to own one of these or even more,i would love to own the whole set lol ♥

So there you have it,my gorgeous Milani picks,do you own any Milani or would you love to and if so what would you choose as i would love to know.
Again the link is Below to Milani as they sell lots of different items from this brand.

Have you ever looked on Beauty Crowd before as they sell so many different brands,to find out which brands they sell then click here.....

Thanks ever so much for reading,i hope you enjoyed this as much as i enjoyed doing this for you guys,so please don't leave my blog without following as honestly it makes my whole day each time i get an email to say i have a new subscriber,makes me feel all fuzzy inside as without you reading there would be no point,but knowing I'm gaining more readers is wonderful so thanks.
Love always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny

If you didn't know i also have a Beauty/Style Youtube channel too,so be sure to check that out if you love everything makeup and beauty like me ♥♥


  1. Hi lovely, these all look lovely especially the blush and lipstick, the single eye shadows look great too and although I don't wear green it's a beautiful colour, that blush is lovely though I am a bit of a sucker for blush and lipstick though, all the products look great though, I've not tried any of the brand before, lots of love xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks for reading Zoe so much,oh i'm just a sucker for pretty makeup i think,you should deffo if anything try the blush and the lipstick as they were the best things in this boX,i think you would be in love with them both hun,the other things were gorgeous too but not so pigmented,but lippy and blush a must and even though they are msatte lipsticks they just felt thick and creamy a bit like mac so not drying or anything xx♥xx


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