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Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Makeup brushes Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Makeup brushes Review 

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so as you can see this is a review of the new Makeup revolution Ultra Metals makeup brushes and yes before i go any further they do look very similar to a particular Bold Metals from Real Techniques.
So yes they are a dupe,i only own 1 from the Bold metals Real Techniques range which is the flat contour brush so i can only compare that.

These are a fraction of the price of real Techniques and totally amazing quality,i was actually *BLOWN AWAY* by how amazingly soft and sturdy these feel.
I bought the whole set from the Makeup Revolution website as you do hee hee.
But I'm so sooo happy i did as I'm chuffed to bits :)

So they arrived in clear boxes as they are sold separately too if you just want to maybe try one or two.
The first thing that caught my eye is the obvious stunning rose gold metal finish and how pure white the bristles were {beautiful}

I think you can probably see from the photo above just how soft they are,i actually thought they might be a bit poor quality but BOY WAS I WRONG....i couldn't love these brushes more,good job MUR as always you have come up trumps ,they are all made of the finest synthetic hairs so { Cruelty Free } and like i mentioned to THE BOSS we just need the matching eye set now as that would be awesome to get like a 12 piece eye set if they were as good quality as this ♥

so lets start with the big fluffy brush which is called the Ultra Flawless Powder Brush. I'm not sure about you but i use brushes for anything and not usually for what it suggests on the box. This can be used with any form of powder though,i wouldn't say liquid or foundation.
But i could easy use this for face powder,bronzer or blusher,might be a little big for a blush brush but for powder or bronzer then it's fantastic.
They are a lovely weight to the handle,being made of rose gold metal then it does give them a slight weight but not too much,just perfect in my eyes and you couldn't get softer bristles and plus they all have Makeup revolution embossed into the metal which looks gorgeous.
Check it out below....

Next is a smaller brush but just as stunning and soft and called The Ultra Sculpt brush,this brush for me would be totally perfect for buffing in contour into your cheek bone area or i would even use as a blush brush or highlight brush too,so again could be used as multi purpose.
Check this one out below....

Next up is a brush i own already from Real Techniques so i wanted to see how they compared,this is called The Ultra Flat Contour brush.
I would say this is a slight bit smaller than the RT Flat contour brush and also shorter bristles so a tad more sturdy and dense,but i would say just as soft to be honest,only time will tell to see how they both last and wash etc.
So as i do with my RT one i would use this for the start of my contour before buffing it in with the smaller brush above.This gives that precise cut just under the cheek bone and i would also use this with either powder or cream as could be used for both.
Small cute lovely weight,love the design,check this out below...

The next brush is the only eyeshadow brush,hence me asking for them to do a whole set of shadow brushes :) this is called The Pointed Crease Eyeshadow brush,i wouldn't say it was pointed but what i will say is that it's a perfect crease brush and a great size too,or if you wanted to be more adventurous then you could use this to contour down your nose or i think even under eye concealer too,so a good all round brush i think,oh how i want a whole pot full of these on my dressing table :)
Check it out below....

So the last brush i was really intrigued about as this is a total dupe for the RT triangle foundation brush,so this is called Ultra Contour Foundation brush.
It is cut in a perfect crease triangle style.
I don't own a brush anything like this so i really can't wait to try this,i have not tried it as yet but you can't get any softer,i did think it would be more dense and the bristles would be more stiff but instead it is very flexible,until i use properly then i can't comment but it certainly does get into those hard to reach area's as goes straight into corner of eyes,around ears and hair line with ease.
Seems fantastic and i can't wait to do a video review :)
check it out below,so very pretty ....

So they are all 5 of the brushes and Makeup Revolution i could kiss you,just what we needed,as don't get me wrong i love my Real Techniques they do outstanding brushes and i also love Sam and Nic Pixiwoo too.But when they brought out Bold Metals i could only afford one to be honest and did i really need the others if they were that expensive?? no prob not.
But did i need these because they were so cheap,a fraction of the price and a dupe,then i certainly well did lol,i can totally justify getting these and the price i paid which for the Set was £34.95 because i bought them together on the MUR website, i will leave the link below....

But they also do sell them single from Superdrug underneath here....

so just to sum these up in 7 words it would be....
{sounds like i'm talking about my ideal man} ha ha

Do you need these in your Life? just take a look at the photo's and you decide....

Just a quick tip YOU DO NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE,honestly i know i always speak highly of Makeup revolution but these are tremendous and are much better quality than their original brushes,,
Thanks so much for reading,as always love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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  1. Absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on these beauties! They totally look like the RT Bold Metals and I have the Contour Brush too! Great in-depth review chick, made me want them all the more :) been following you for a while and subscribed to you too, love your videos!
    I hope I can get as many followers as you one day <3
    Brogan x

    1. Hi Brogan thanks for reading hun,aw i have just followed your blog with gfc hun as it all looks laid out really nice too,makeup sure you use all other social media to full when posting your blogs,i wish i had more followers too,you will love these brushes i think sooo much,i really didn't expect them to be so soft,i though mmmm i bet they will be a bit scratchy but not at all,love them upto now,thanks for reading xx♥xx ;)

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  2. This is such a great post. Really loving your blog!
    I find tons of useful stuff every time i check it.

    I've just started mine. Would you mind checking it our when you have some free time? I would really appreciate it.

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks ever so much,your blog looks great,i really love the set out,i will prob change mine at some point as this is just put togther by myself,thanks it means so much xx♥xx

  3. wow these brushes are gorgeous...definitely i will buy them!!! great post and fantastic pictures 👍😊😉

    1. aw thanks so much and yes they are a total must have,so glad i bought them xx♥xx

  4. thank ypu for the review Vinny :)
    I was wondering to buy RT Bold Metal Collection but after I saw you post, I think I will try this MUR brushes ^^

    Amanda writer of

    1. Hi Amanda thanks for reading,i only own one of the Bold Metals from RT myself as they were just so expensive,so glad they came out with these ones,so soft,a must have xx♥xx

  5. You were right, they're really soft. The only one I don't like is the eye brush, little too dense for my liking :( Powder brush though..... AMAZING :)

    1. aw really yes if you mean a little stiff then i agree really but is useable i think if i just want to lightly blend,i have still not tried out the triangle brush with foundation as yet,it feels very soft but very flexi and i'm used to something more dense for foundation so we shall see,soft though,thanks for reading gorgeous xx♥xx

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