Sunday, 18 October 2015

New Mua Metallic Liquid Lips Swatches Blog Review

New Mua Metallic Liquid Lips Swatches Blog Review

Hi there and welcome back to my blog or if you are new here then hi my name is Vinny .I would love you to follow my blog as it's my hobby and passion and I love making new friends.

So this is a blog on the new Metallic Liquid Lips by Mua Cosmetics.

I thought i would do a blog review and a video review on these,so here you will see swatches and i will put my youtube video at the end for you to see them on my lips too.

So this first one above is called Luster and i think this might be my favourite as i have never ever seen a lip gloss like this before,it is very metallic and neutral and pretty,doesn't look much on the swatch but wait until you see it on my lips in the video...
Here we have Glint which is still metallic and a very different grey brown type colour which i think is fab :)
Flare is nice and a kind of in between red and pink i would say.
Spark again is another fave as it's a beautiful metallic purple with a huge amount of sheen,love it.
This colour reminds me of now and autumn or Christmas and it is called Blaze,so so gorgeous.

My thoughts on these lip glosses are yes they are worth £4.00 each as they are something very different from other brands and thus make them stand out.
The colours are fab but i think they might do more online too.
They are non sticky,but they don't dry,they are totally a lip gloss.

The only down side to these which i can just about put up with because i really like them is the smell.I have had this before with Mua products but to me they smell and taste of a car air freshener,if you have ever smelt the tree car air freshener b4 then that is what these remind me of,as do quite a few other mua products.

If you can put up with the smell/taste then they are amazing and I'm really glad i bought them.
The links are below on where to purchase these

Also if you would prefer to see them on my lips then check out my youtube video here

Thanks ever so much for reading and i hope you enjoyed,as always love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny x♥x

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  1. I really like it.. It took's color of that lipstick which I mix with it for shades ... I bought it from .. Its quality & quantity was totally amazed .. I should recommend you to try it you gonna crazy love to it.


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