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BlanX Teeth Whitening Huge Giveaway And Review Toothpaste

BlanX Teeth Whitening Huge Giveaway And Review Toothpaste

Hi all and welcome back to my blog or if you are new then hi my name is Vinny.If you are already a follower then thanks but if not then pls follow via bloglovin as it's easy to enter and plus this is a Giveaway not just a review so here is a photo below of what you could be winning,so pls enter with the rafflecopter widget below thanks ♥

So this review and giveaway is for the above products,a whole range of Tooth whitening products from BlanX
As you know we would all love whiter teeth,my teeth are generally pretty yellowing in colour which i hate,they are not the worst i have seen but being into beauty i also want my teeth to look white too,here are some healthy hints and tips from Honestly Healthy on keeping your teeth healthy and white.

Eating foods such as Strawberries,cauliflower,apples,celery and carrots are all going to help you gain that brighter whiter smile.
BlanX products contain natural whitening extracts with non abrasive ingredients which will not damage your enamel of your teeth.
BlanX is great for helping restore your own teeth to their natural whiteness
Although it is also all down to your own diet,a healthy diet eating the right foods and not the wrong ones,i have given some examples above.
But also we all know that Smoking doesn't help in the slightest and too much coffee,or cola,red wine will all in turn stain your lovely smile.
Try using foods along with the BlanX natural toothpaste and tooth whitening kit.Any foods that are crunchy really help to break down any plaque.

I have now been using this myself for about two weeks and i do find it has help quite a lot.
Here is a summery of what i have been using and what is in this giveaway to ONE LUCKY WINNER BUT UK ENTRANTS ONLY PLEASE....

BlanX Advanced whitening toothpaste RRP £7.49

BlanX Classic white toothpaste RRP £4.99

BlanX Intensive stain removal RRP £4.20

BlanX Extrawhite intensive whitening Treatment RRP £10.20

So the main one i have been using is the Extrawhite intensive whitening treatment which i have used morning and evening and it does come with a tooth whitening card to match your own teeth to that of the colour on the card,
I have also used the other toothpastes here just to try them out and get a feel for each one,obviously i have not used them all at once hee hee,but i used classic in the morning and then the treatment one and at night i used the Advanced one and then treatment,i too used the Stain removal toothpaste about 4 times on days i thought i has drunk too much coffee,which in my case is most days.

So here goes the bit which i was dreading as i really hate my teeth,a close up of before and after,these photos are taken with no filter and not edited as i know tons of people do edit photos and it bugs me sooo much,so this is the real me warts and all lol.

So yuck yes i know aghhh teeth,this above was before starting the treatment and as you can see they are stained and yellowing,but they also do that with age,you can also see my silver fillings grr they do annoy me but hey ho this is me :)

This is 2 weeks later and yes i know my lipstick lol,it's not lipstick it's velvet lip lacquer that has feathered around my lips and got a teeny blob on my tooth,trust me on such an important photo to be wearing a daft lip product ha ha
ANYWAY APART FROM THAT YAY... look at my teeth as i would say by holding the card to my teeth that i have gone 2 shades lighter which is totally fantastic,but not only that,my teeth are so shiny compared to how they were 2 weeks ago looking dull.

So do i think this works,well yes the photos to me prove it has worked and with no harsh chemicals too,I'm really pleased with the result so would like to thanks BlanX for sending me these products to try and also thank them for providing the giveaway prizes too :) ♥

Please check BlanX out on their social media,the links are below...

BlanX is available to purchase from Boots,Superdrug,Tesco,Asda,Sainsbury's,Morrisons,Waitrose and Feelunique

So here is what you will win,please enter with rafflecopter widget below and pls read terms of giveaway at the bottom,thanks for reading,love as always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xxx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules

1.This giveaway is only open to those in the uk and i will ship this item myself once the giveaway has ended and i have the winners address details.It will be shipped either Royal Mail or Parcel Force whichever is cheaper as this is really heavy {so I'm sorry uk only}

2.If under the age of 18 then you must get parental or guardian permission before you enter as i will not be held responsible for that.

3.There will only be one winner who wins all four prizes featured above and retailing at around the £30 mark,the winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

4.There is no purchase necessary and this giveaway is free to enter,all prizes have been provided by BlanX but i myself will be paying for shipping costs to the winner.

5.This giveaway will be running for 2 weeks

6.I myself will not be held responsible for any allergies or compatibilities with this product,that should be taken up with BlanX

7.The winner will be notified by the email provided so please check your email or spam email as sometimes emails can go into spam box.

8.I can't be held responsible for Royal Mail either,but it will be packaged safe and sound

All as i can say now is good luck and thanks for entering xx♥xx


  1. wow the difference! I tried Blanx a few years ago and it didn't work for me :(



    1. Ahh that's a shame Laura,it didn't get all the stains off but it did help as i used all of the products and tried to cut out coffee as much,plus eat strawberries and crunchy foods to help during the day,i think it polished them more than whitened although i would say by looking at the card i have gone 1-2 shades lighter really xx♥xx thanks for reading as took me a lot to put my teeth out there as hate them eekk

  2. oh I really want to have white teeth😊this is perfect to try!😉

  3. Is it really possible to make your teeth white by only using a toothpaste? If yes, then thanks you so much for sharing it, it really works very well.

    Ipswich Cosmetic Dentist


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