Sunday, 15 November 2015

Freedom Makeup Vamp Noir Lipstick collection

Freedom Makeup Vamp Noir Lipstick collection

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This is a quick review on the new Freedom Makeup lipstick collection called Vamp Noir and you get 5 stunning colours in a lovely presentation gift box like this...

This would make such a lovely gift or to just treat yourself to,the colours are divine and last really well on my lips actually,they are not too creamy not too matte so just about right and very very pigmented for £1.00,that is just so crazy.

Here are the stunning swatches and i have named them just for you :) I'm good like that lol,they are shown as in the first photo above in the same order.
Omg these colours aghh if this doesn't scream autumn winter to you then i don't know what does as these are seriously stunning...
and at the moment they seem to be out of stock on the Freedom website and the Superdrug website too,but i will leave the links anyway as you can keep checking.
Although i do know they sell them in some Superdrug stores so you might find them in yours.

here is the Freedom Website >>>Here<<<
Plus don't forget they have other colours too for the same price so have a quick nosey as they are fantastic lipsticks and full size too ♥
Here is the Superdrug Website >>>Here<<<

Do you love them as much as me? do you own them or can you not wait to get your hands on them? let me know your thoughts as love reading comments from you guys,thanks as always for reading.
Love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xx♥xx

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