Monday, 16 November 2015

Freedom Pro Brow Pomade Dark Brown

Freedom Pro Brow Pomade Dark Brown

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So as you can see this is a quick review of the new brow pomade by Freedom Makeup.They do a whole range of different colours to suit most hair colours i think to be honest.
My Superdrug doesn't sell Freedom and I'm not sure that you can swatch them anyway? so i took a stab in the dark and bought dark brown because i have black hair.This colour for me is still very very dark even with black hair but it is just about right i think as i like bolder brows anyway.
I prob could get away with medium brown too but this is fine.

Here is the swatch of it on my hand and don't forget this was with my finger and you will be using a brush so a bit different.

The consistency is very very creamy which is gorgeous,you can use any brush that feels right for you and is the shape you like.
Don't go on too dark and just start off with a light hand as if you slap too much on it can look a bit funny,takes practise and I'm stick actually practising,but i think i have pretty much mastered it now.

I am getting a great defined arched shape using this and once applied i leave to dry while doing the rest of my makeup,as this is just like a cream that dries on your brows.So then after about 5 mins i brush through lightly with a brow brush so they are not as dark and harsh and hey presto you are good to go.

This costs only £5.00 and i would buy it over and over again,i love this so much,it's fantastic for the price and having defined brows gives you a little more confidence :)
You can get this from the Freedom website >>>Here<<<
or the Superdrug website >>>Here<<<

do you have this or do you need to get your brows on fleek? then why not give it a try?

Thanks so much for reading ,love as always Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny x♥x

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  1. I adore their pomades. My Inglot pomades are now a thing of past and I have been using Blonde non stop :)

    1. ahh thanks hun i think i still need more practice though as i seem better at shaping with powder so maybe i might try powder fist then this over the top xx♥xx

  2. It's a shame as the blonde shade looks so dark in these :( way too dark for my silly pale brows lol but it looks like a good product for the price just a shame I've got stupidly light brows lol xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Hi Zoe yes i looked at the swatches myself as somebody not even as blonde as you was asking about colours,so i looked at swatches and though wow the blonde is pretty dark if you are blonde,i mean i have black hair so should easy get away with this but it is still very dark too,so i agree they should do much lighter ones too xx♥xx thanks for reading hun

  3. is it more on the warm side or the neutral one ?

    1. Hi i would say warm side although it's proper very dark brown,i have black hair and even this dark brown can be too dark for me and a lighter hand is needed.I should of gone for a lighter shade even with black hair i think.Doesn't have any red tones though it's proper brown brown xx♥xx


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