Monday, 2 November 2015

Makeup Revolution DGJ Organics Haircare Shampoo Conditiner Organic Range

Makeup Revolution DGJ Organics Haircare Shampoo Conditioner Organic Range

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So here we have a review of the new Makeup Revolution haircare range.
Yes first it was makeup then Skincare,you might see in the background the other MUR skincare products called FaceB4 which are fab also,but now they have branched out into haircare,and it's an organic haircare range {even better}

This is called DGJ and it was originally developed by hairdresser Daniel Galvin Junior 10 years ago when there were no Organic haircare products available and the same formula is in them today which makes this product outstanding.
I received a shampoo and conditioner in 250ml bottles.
The scent is honeydew and melon which is honestly gorgeous as i love the smell of melon,it's so refreshing.

So i used these the Friday evening and I'm now typing this very late Monday night/Tues morning as it's nearly passed midnight eekk bed time lol.
Anyway here is my hair on Friday before my shower.

Yes a scary mess lol,recently i have tried a few shampoo's as you know when you use a certain brand that you love for years and then it just stops agreeing with your hair,so anyway yes this is where I'm at,once upon a time when i was in my late teens i used herbal essence but then they changed the packaging and formula and i hated it :(
so i then went onto using elvive by Loreal which was and is still my total fave,but recently it has been making my hair go greasy again withing like 2-3 days as before i could easy not wash my hair for 5 days,so that is why i look a bit sad above ha ha.

The shampoo is a clear colour and because it is organic it does state it might not foam up as much as a regular shampoo,although i found it to lather up just fine,OK maybe not as much as elvive but it did lather up well and i have mega thick hair too.It smelt divine.
After washing that off i applied the conditioner and left on for 5 mins while i shaved my legs as you do 
{ if you are a lady reading this that is lol}
Again it smelt gorgeous and the melon was just so nice as i don't think i actually own anything melon but i love the smell.
Then i washed it off and towel dried my hair,and OK i know you are not meant to go to bed with wet hair but i did,well not wet but damp,so yes i let it dry natural.
Then these next photos were taken Sunday morning after i has straightened my hair,so no hairdryer has been used,also no products have been used either only my straighter.

First i tried to get a photo to show just how beautiful and soft and shiny it really was.
But with no flash it wasn't picking up the shine,time to turn the flash on Vinny,so now you can see how super soft and shiny it leaves it,and yes i did go  a bit selfie crazy lol,i can never seem to get photo's that i actually like,so i just end up taking loads hee hee.
So yes a bit selfie crazy lol,but i hope you can see by the many photos just how soft and shiny it left it and this is 2 days after washing it.
Now is Mon nr Tues and it is still not greasy,still soft and shiny and not itchy or anything,so after using the once i can say i would really recommend,OK i have not used for weeks but if my hair is still soft after 4 nr 5 days then I'm chuffed.

If you want to actually purchase any of these then they do have an offer on the Makeup Revolution website at the moment,buy one get one free which is great but be quick,the link is below as they do so many more,they even do a kids range,colour care or hair thickening range,you should go check it out for sure.

Thanks so much to Makeup Revolution for sending me this blogger pr sample ♥

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