Friday, 29 January 2016

Barbie Makeover Curvy Tall And Petite Good Or Bad ?

Barbie Makeover Curvy Tall And Petite Good Or Bad ?

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So not sure if you guys have heard but the all famous household doll is now getting a makeover,i don't usually blog about things like this nor do i usually piggy back off news stories.
But i will make this an exception as for years i have played with Barbie since i was little and now I'm 37,but back then we also had Cindy who had dark hair and more plumper features so it was never such a big deal.But as time went by,Cindy disappeared and we were just left with Barbie this leggy very thin blonde plastic doll who was very thin and had no shape.
This still didn't effect me as a child as i didn't really think of Barbie as a role model but then my daughter is only 4 now and plays with Barbie and i played with my Barbies until i was prob 8 or 9 maybe even 10 lol.OK is that normal? who knows but i did.So by that age you are thinking about body shape and why are these dolls so pretty and perfect.

The Future is Now
So Mattel have now got a new concept and decided to bring out a whole new range of barbies 

With 4 body types, 7 skin tones, 22 eye colours, and 24 hairstyles, we proudly offer girls more choices than ever. Learn more at and share your favourite dolls. {this is a quote from the Barbie official Instagram.

For me this is a positive step and everyone and his dog has always moaned about barbie being,only blonde,far too thin and not even life like.So i think it's amazing they have finally seen sense and done what is right and got with the real world.
My daughter plays with Barbie so it's nice to know that she will be able to choose one that she likes rather than all looking the same and just having different if she wants a petite doll or tall doll,thin doll or curvy doll,doll with different skin type or different eyes then she has this choice.
So i applaud them for doing this new range and think it's fantastic.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this or use hashtag 

#TheDollEvolves on twitter or instagram to see what others are saying.

It has already come under backlash and people are not happy with it,saying things such as don't push adult problems and insecurities onto children.I for one think that's mad as like i said i might be a minority but i played with mine until i was 8.9 maybe 10. Others are saying that Barbie have still not thought about bringing out more such as the gay or lesbian barbie?? not sure how that would work as we don't even know if people are straight gay,lesbian or bi in real life,so do they want a barbie with lesbian stamped onto her/ {that didn't make sense} All as i can say is i for one think it's an amazing positive step for the future and for a children in a society where body image is everything.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this too?
All pictures have been taken from the official Barbie Instagram page which you will find here
also here is their twitter page too

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  1. I think its amazing to be honest its pretty amazing how far we have come

    1. Thanks for reading Andrew yeah i think so too,I can't understand why people are moaning,everyone has moaned for years for it to be changed and now it is being changed they are still moaning lol.I can only see it as a step forward and good thing though xx♥xx

  2. I agree. I love the new concept and having dolls of different body types may inspire positive change in body shaming. However I am also little perplexed as a child it never crossed my mind to have to look like a Barbie doll? Maybe it was different upbringing we had but it makes me wonder why in the new world theres so many things kids are more prone to than when us growing up. Does that also make you wonder?

    1. I'm so glad they are changing Barbie she is due for a change and then they are not all the same as you can't even give them different names tbh as they are all the same doll dressed in different clothing lol.Yeah i never thought of Barbie as a role model or anything when i was little,i did play with them prob till i was about 9 maybe even 10 at a push and i always thought they were perfect,.It never bothered me but i did always think how pretty barbie was lol.But yeah kids of today might see it different and it's prob cos wer have the internet now and so much more body shaming etc these days,,,,your too skinny or your too fat,nobody has a chance these days do they.Why can't anybody just libe their lives without being put down by other people xx♥xx thanks hun


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