Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra velour Lip Cream Gloss Review & Swatches

Makeup Revolution Ultra velour Lip Cream Gloss Review & Swatches

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Hi so i have got quite a few lip creams from makeup revolution which i would really love to share with you.
I have seven here in total and they come in the gorgeous rose gold packaging which always screams you need to buy me hee hee,well it does to me anyway.
Then because I'm so good i have turned the boxes on the side so hopefully you can see the name of each shade if you click to make the photo bigger.
They smell really nice and come with a normal applicator.
But don't get these ones mixed up with the ones that dry,these ones are not matte and more a cream so they are not as pigmented and don't dry.The ones that dry are the velvet lip lacquers.
These however give a good colour and are no sticky which is such a bonus as i really can't bide anything sticky.

Here are the swatches with and without flash...
Without flash is above
Then this is with flash.

I wouldn't say they last a long time on the lips as they are creamy but if you are not eating or drinking then they should last i would say a 2 hour mark {about}
Really nice products to have in my collection and great to put on quick before going on a school run or just if you are popping to the shop as application is easy.
If you would like to purchase these or look at the colours then pls click the link below...

They also sell Makeup Revolution on Superdrug too,link is below...

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  1. These look so lush! :) Need to pick some shades up xx

    1. Thanks yeah you should try some i prefer the matte ones myself the velvet lip laquers xx♥xx


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