Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Narsissist Nars Dual intensity eyeshadow palette

Narsissist Nars Dual intensity eyeshadow palette

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So this is a review of the Narsissist palette,this is such a talked and raved about palette that i really needed to find out for myself what all the hype was about.I read a blog from Missmakeupmagpie which was great and at the time she sold me this palette from just reading her blog.I really wanted it so much.So when i first purchased it i fell in love right away.BUT and yes it's a big BUT,i needed time to get used to the palette and not  to jump on the i love band waggon so quickly.
The packaging to this palette is stunning i must say,the mirror effect to the top is lush and it's very sturdy.Even the look of the shadows is stunning too ♥
Plus you get a brush which alone is worth a fortune as nars is expensive.
The brush is a mini but it's fab it's very soft and a really good brush.

My problem with this palette after using it a good few times is that i really wasn't wowed by it like all the other bloggers who rave about it.I understand we all have different opinions and love different things and different brands,but for me the swatches were just mediocre and nothing special,nothing wowed me even used dry or damp.
The swatches i have done i use a damp finger,slightly damp with a baby wipe,which you would think should make them stand out and feel like butter...... well see for yourself.
Above was taken without flash 
Are you wowed,no neither was i.
So here i took with flash to see the shimmer or glitter.
Again are you wowed? no I'm afraid i was not wowed either,i do like this palette don't get me wrong.The colours are pigmented and very pretty and i will use it.
Are they as pigmented as i thought they would be or as pretty as i had hoped or as wearable as everyone and his dog had raved about??? No i will always 100% tell you my honest opinion and i have had more pigmentation and pretty colours from brands such as makeup Revolution.Freedom and Mua.

I was really hoping to fall in love with this palette as £45 for 8 shadows was expensive for me.
Love the look of it but wasn't happy with the shadows themselves.So no i wouldn't say rush out and purchase this,it is obviously upto the individual but i would not repurchase this at all and was slightly gutted.
But if you do like the look of it and want to check it out then here is the link to selfridges.
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