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Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream Review

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream Review

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So here is the brand new Ultra Strobe Cream from Makeup Revolution.
Firstly i love the packaging to this,white can get quite dirty so i was chuffed it is black,it has a lovely strobe effect label to the front too which is just beautiful.
It's a squeezy top and you only need the smallest amount as it goes really far.But can i just say wow the smell is fantastic,it just smell lush ♥
This was the tiny amount i put on my wrist to try it out,since this i have  also tried it today with my makeup and loved it.The colour is a gorgeous golden shimmer.
Below Ive not totally rubbed it in and left it quite thick as i wanted you to see how shimmery and golden and beautiful it actually is...
So guys that is the shimmer from that tiny wee dot of cream on my wrist,plus you get a huge 50ml for £8.00 which i think is fab as most foundations are 30ml so 50ml will last you ages.
So this can be worn under makeup for a subtle glow,it can also be mixed in with your foundation which honestly looks gorgeous for summer as gives that dewy look.
However today i used on top of my makeup and just dotted a tiny bit
on each cheek bone,slight bit on cupids bow too and it instantly lifts your mood and your makeup from drab and dull to gorgeous.
I think you can use a teeny tiny amount or more for a higher coverage like above.
So on the photo above you will see i have totally blended it out and obviously it then gives you a totally subtle look with just that hint of golden shimmer and sink into the skin really well,none greasy none sticky just stunning.
I don't know about you but i love my highlighters and use a highlight each time i wear makeup.I do usually go for powder highlight but i might try this cream one for a while as it looked great today and even my partner Jamie said it looked nice so can't be bad hee hee♥

Do you love to highlight too? if so do you think you will be picking this up or putting in a sneaky purchase online? I will leave the link below to MUR.
They also sell MUR at Superdrug so that link is below also...
Thanks to MR for sending me this Blogger pr sample :)

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  1. I'm off to town in a bit I'm seriously thinking of getting this. Xx

    1. Do they sell it in Superdrug already? that was quick if they do cool xx♥xx

  2. Hello!
    I have not used these products, I believe that makeup products are very diverse, there are many varieties and they are all great course it all depends of you skin.
    I guess!

    1. You should try it but yes all our skins are different shades so what might suit one might not suit another,think this would look better on darker skin in the summer with tan too really xxxx


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