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Too Faced Bon Bons Palette Review Valetines

Too Faced Bon Bons Palette Review

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So here we have i think the most stunning palette in the world,well the packaging anyway.I mean this packaging is just everything,what lady wouldn't want this on her dressing table and it smells of chocolate too,and tastes of it,how do i know it tastes of it lol? that another story but it does.

I got this for Christmas from my lovely family and wow i really love it.The packaging is a metal tin which is baby pink covered in hearts ♥♥♥
Then once open you see this,yes it really is too perfect to use,although i have used it as just couldn't resist the temptation.It has a lovely combination of colours and the all important 3 factors for me in any palette are a matte highlight shade,a shimmer highlight shade and one or 2 decent matte crease colours.This palette ticks all those boxes and more :)
I never use the mirrors in palettes but i even think that is cute.
Now believe me when i say these swatches don't do it justice,I have tried my best with the flash,it does give off the true colour and shimmer but they look much better in person.
So this is the top row of the palette which has 5 shades.These shades alone would make the perfect everyday eye colours omg stunning pigmentation here.
This is the second row,it has 6 shades,sorry the first one was similar to my skin so very hard to see,then we have a subtle baby pink a subtle golden tone and three different coloured browns.
This is the bottom row again with 5 shades,these are just the most gorgeous colours.I will have to do a look with this palette as i was asked how you would wear the bold pink.I know some people don't like colour but i do and i used the bold pink on my first use,i used it in the centre of my eye and blending it in with a navy blue black looks fab.You have to see it to believe how gorgeous this palette is.

I got mine from Debenhams and it was £39.00 the link is below if you want to grab one too....

Do you own this already or would you love it in your life? it is coming up to valentines day remember.
Having the smell of chocolate around you all day is actually meant to be a mood booster too so win win,you smell gorgeous not only look gorgeous.
Thanks so much for reading,as always love and hugs Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny xx♥xx

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  1. Can't wait to get my hands on it :) looks amaze balls :) xx I especially love the pink shade *searching her MUR palettes to find the shade similar* lol

    Love, D x


    1. Thanks for reading hun it's gorgeous and i think they are bringing out a peach one soon too xx♥xx

    2. I watch your videos because i really like them you are really nice

    3. Thanks Emily i'm so glad you enjoy watching and reading my blog too hun xx♥xx

  2. This palette looks AMAZING vinny I have been looking at the swatches on you tube and the tutorials that people are doing with this eye shadow palette and I'm in love with it and even though you say your swatches don't do it justice I think they look pretty good ��. I didn't get the 2nd chocolate palette that came out but this one I just love the look at it and Valentine's Day is just around the corner as well as my birthday next week so I might go out and treat myself.


    1. Aww Happy birthday hun yeah i knew straight away i wanted this from the swatches i saw on youtube i was totally like wow that is so pigmented.I have the first one but no i don't have the 2nd either hun but i do have the mur salted caramel which is a dupe for the 2nd one so that's really gorgeous.Deffo spoil yourself though xx♥xx thanks

  3. This is such a beautiful palette and I personally prefer the look of Too Faced to Urban Decay x

    1. Thanks so much for reading yeah i looked at the swatches of this and the gwen stef one by UD and although i do own both i did think this looked much more pigmented.I used to think UD were my fave shadows but recently i'm not so sure as Too faced are coming up trumps and some Zoeva palettes are just fantastic and even some MUR ones i have could totally give them a run for their money xx♥xx

  4. This is so cute palette and is in my wish list. I know I'll love it x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Thanks Laura aw you will deffo love it for sure as not only can you do a neautral eye with it,you can also add that pop of colour it's really sweet too xx♥xx


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