Saturday, 12 March 2016

Makeup Revolution Dual Phase Makeup Remover

Makeup Revolution Dual Phase Makeup Remover

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So here we have a new product from Makeup Revolution called the Dual Phase Makeup Remover.This is what it says and is a duel action makeup Remover, i have now given this a thorough testing before i reviewed, as with most skincare type products i like to test them properly. 

It's such a gentle formula that that removes all traces of makeup and conditions and cleanses your skin. It's a duel action as you have to shake the formula together before use. I love these types of clear liquid vs blue liquid that you shake together, something quite magical happens :).

It does have an oily texture  (not too oily) but it needs to be to remove waterproof mascara or matte lip lacquers that just won't ever budge. It's not a problem for this Makeup Remover though it comes straight off which is fantastic. It leaves my skin slightly oily and i don't actually mind that as it feels conditioned and more supple if that makes sense. 

It states it's suitable for sensitive skin which i can believe as feels so soft and gentle and has not caused me any break outs etc, if anything my skin has felt softer in the mornings.
I know ewww lol but that just goes to show how much grime and makeup it removes from your skin. Believe me it's so important that you remove your makeup before you go to bed. You don't want clogged up pores over night and waking up with panda eyes is never a good look. Yes OK i admit I think we have probably all slept with our makeup on but it's just a no no for your skin, as i actually wake up with spots if i leave my makeup on. So always spare 5 Min's before bed looking after your skin; it will thank you in the future. 

So yes i would highly recommend this from Makeup Revolution and i do hope they start selling this in Superdrug, but for such a low price it's really worth it. 

Thanks to MUR for the blogger pr sample. 
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  1. I need to try this !!! I currently have at least 4 makeup removers awaiting their turn but I'll be all over it once I'm done !! Thank you for sharing X

    1. Thanks for reading hun i know somebody said it stung their eyes but nope it didn't sting mine but then again nothing really stings my eyes.It's good though and seems to leave my skin feeling nice,oily but nice too xx♥xx

  2. I like the Bi Phase makeup removers, they are great for my dry skin, it's a good price too :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Yeah they did have it down in price the other week so maybe it will go down again.I usually only like them to take eye makeup or hard lip makeup off but i didn't find this too oily tbh,plus at the moment my skin has been all of the shop,oily dry it doesn't know what it's doing didn't break me out though and did it's job so it's good.Thanks for reading Zoe xx♥xx


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