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New Release Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid Review Demo Swatches

New Release Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid Review Demo Swatches

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So here are the new Naked Skin colour correcting fluids from Urban Decay.I have had the chance to try four of these but they also do a green one too.

Urban Decay are my all time favourite brand and i do own quite a lot now.But they never fail to make me gasp at their products and packaging.
These are a great size really of 6.2g so will last you a while as a little does go a long way.
I have now used these for a good few days so i can give you my honest opinion of them.

Lets just start with showing you what you can achieve by using the right colours to correct,for me this was a total breakthrough and when i run out i will be certainly purchasing more and this is why.....
So the photo above shows me natural with nothing on my face,OK scary i know lol.But as you can see i do have large dark circles under my eyes and even have a broken vein under one.
To be honest i used to just try any concealer under them,then foundation then a lighter concealer to brighter.But in instead of covering them in something why not try fixing the colour? ...
So i hope you can now see from the photo above why i have fallen in love with these♥♥
My left eye is still left untouched with nothing on,but my right eye has a few of these used on it.Just wanted to add that i have not used any concealer here as i wanted to give you an idea of what colour correcting does on it's own.Firstly i used the the yellow as this corrects dullness and makes darkness disappear,then after tapping that gently under the eye i then used the peach which helps to mask circles,sun spots and veins and makes discolouration disappear,this one is also great for darker skin tones too.So after tapping that one in i used a cc cream then added the pink shade colour corrector in a V shape under the eye to add light to that area and highlight it making me look so much more wide awake and then i added a powder over the top to set it {so yay no concealer}.Just for the purpose of the photo i added a little mascara. The only colour i didn't use was Lavender as that is for a yellow undertone but I'm sure in time i will try it too.
The green shade is also meant to be great from reading other blogs and watching video's,although i don't suffer with red skin but would be good on red spots which i do suffer spots sometimes or anybody who suffers with acne i'm sure it would work a treat.

So what do you think of the photo's above of my eyes?? I was quite literally blown away.The texture is lovely and creamy,not too gloupy or thick and not too thin either so very blendable.I'm 37 years young and this did not crease or sit in any lines around my eyes,if anything it made them look better and didn't cake.Totally gets a huge thumbs up from me anyway 10/10.
The applicator is fab too as it's flexible and very soft.
Here is what it claims on the packaging and in all fairness as you can see it works wonders ♥

They are £17.50 each and obviously you just buy the colours you think you will need or what would work best for you.Here are some links below to purchase if you would like to try them.

Here we  have swatches from left to right are peach,Lavender,Pink and Yellow,then i have slightly rubbed them a little but once blended and covered with your preferred foundation it just looks flawless.Totally blown away that i didn't even need concealer but you might want to use that too.
*Pr Sample *

Do you own these already? are you going to try any? i would really love to hear your thoughts,I will most certainly be repurchasing these once i run out because even though a few brands do colour correctors now,these up to now have worked the best for me and just have a lovely creamy feel to them.Thanks for reading love Littlemissstyleguru aka Vinny ♥♥

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