Thursday, 6 April 2017

New Release Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick full set swatches

New Release Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick full set swatches

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 So here we have the whole set of brand new Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks.
These are just the "BOMB" i can't explain that phrase any better but just omg omg.
I asked Adam Minto the owner of Makeup Rev a long long time ago could he bring out lipsticks which had a more expensive luxe feel to them which were metal maybe something the the CT or YSL ones and boy did he listen and did he bring us what we wanted.

OK some people think the packaging is way too much like the CT ones,for me i don't care,i want my lipsticks to look nice too but not be too expensive and these tick all the boxes.I actually was shocked at how cheap these were at only £4.00 each lipstick,that's fab.
The packaging is a proper rose gold heavy weighty lipstick with Revolution down the side when you open the l;ids.

I have to say there are 20 to collect and there must be a colour for everyone here,such fantastic colours i love them all and no way could i pick a fave hee hee.
Some are very glossy and i need to blot and then apply again but then it's fine,others are a little more matte.They last a good few hours on me though and feel nice on the lips.They have a kind of vanilla type smell,quite hard to explain but not too off putting just different.
I have all 20 in my lipstick holder and they look ever so posh on my dressing table.
I will put the swatches below and names of course,all these were taken outside no flash in pure daylight....

Please click the photos to enlarge,as you can see a total mix of colours but lots of browns and nudes which everyone loves and a nude to suit us all....I'm going to go out on a limb and name a few of my faves hee hee,OK here goes.....Greatest,class,lifelong Cliche,breathe,renew  and i have not even tried them all yet but from the ones i have tried they are lush.

You can purchase these from Tambeauty HERE
Also from Superdrug HERE

I'm so glad Makeup Revolution are bringing out a gorgeous new vintage looking range as i for one am totally in love.We deserve luxery packaging too,just because it's cheaper doesn't mean we don't deserve to have the best and that is what Makeup Revolution are bringing us.

PR Sample

Have you tried any of these?? if so then please let me know below which are your fave shades,plus which shades are still on your wish list?? ♥

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