Friday, 26 May 2017

Urban Decay ALL Nighter Setting Spray New Look

Urban Decay ALL Nighter Setting Spray New Look

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So here we have the all nighter setting spay from Urban Decay.But with a brand new
look packaging which is very in keeping with the usual UD purple colour.Its actually the same amazing formula just different on the outside.
What do you think? as i love this much better than the older white packaging.Which always
got very dirty with makeup stained fingerprints.I don't have that trouble anymore and plus with it being a dark bottle then it's more in keeping with the name
{all nighter].
So yes i never used to use setting spays when first starting youtube.I now use them all the time,so thought I'd put this bad boy to the test.I love Makeup Revolution but i tried the I heart makeup setting spay on one side,then the all nighter on other side.I wore a full face of makeup and here is the outcome of my test.
-- So which side is which??? I asked Jamie {my partner to guess first and he got it right straight away.He actually said you look greasy on one side and OK on the other lol {thanks a lot}
Well i hope you guys can see if you enlarge the photo that The Urban Decay did actually win hands down,i used the Urban Decay on the left of my face and hopefully you can see the right side of my face is pretty oily and shiny.I could actually see even my eyebrow stayed more intact too.
OK i still have a bit of an oily face as that's just me but to do this test really did open my eyes as i was sceptical myself to see which would be the best.
Urban Decay all nighter wins xx♥xx

Do you use it or will you be trying some now after reading my blog.Here are some links to where you can purchase it from.

*pr sample*

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