Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Superdrug B Contouring Cream & Sensitive Micellar Wipes

Superdrug B Contouring Cream & Sensitive Micellar Wipes

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So here we have Superdrugs own range B with their contouring cream and sensitive
micellar wipes.So this has been my go to night time routine for a while now used in conjunction with B Superdrug Optimum Micellar water and matching day cream .I have already wrote a blog on those Here .

I have been using the contouring cream at night,but also after cleansing i use the wipes to make sure every bit of makeup is removed.The wipes are very wet and stay wet which i love,they are really kind to my skin and never make my eyes soar :)

I then apply the cream,you don't need much but I'm always more gentle around the eyes.I massage thoroughly all over face and down neck.I then tap my fingers all over my face and it feels like a proper soothing massage.I obviously lost out on my vocation { a masseur} joke lol.

It makes my skin feel a lot tighter which is fab,i then started using a small amount in the day before applying my makeup,my skin looks and feels less saggy,or for at least a while anyway.
*pr sample*

If you would like to give these a try then the link is below...

Let me know what you think below?
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  1. Love Superdrug own skincare ranges, I have so many things and they're all great, can't beat them on price either, fabulous!! xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks Zoe i agree,i used to use Loreal creams loads and still do but i'm loving so many things from the B range now and price is most deffo a bonus.Thanks for reading and taking time to comment xx♥xx


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