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New Release Rimmel London Gel Nail Polish By Jess & Lasting Finish Lipstick By Jes London Looks

New Release Rimmel London Gel Nail Polish By Jess & Lasting Finish Lipstick By Jess London Looks

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 Here is the whole range from Rimmel London by Jess London Looks ♥
I was over the moon when i won this Giveaway on Twitter from Rimmel as i have used Rimmel for years and if you have watched my Youtube for the past 5 years you will know my favourite drugstore lipsticks are{Rimmel bar none} and lots more too like mascara,foundation,eyeshadow pencils etc etc.

I have tried the Gel polishes a while back and to be quite honest they didn't work for me at all,i tried and tried again but couldn't understand what i was doing wrong? as they just seemed to bubble and chip and didn't look right at all.

since getting sent the new ones i got a tip from my lovely friend Zoe to add very thin layers but to let dry properly between each layer.I think that was my problem in the past i was too eager and didn't let them dry properly before next coat.

So first of all i love the new colours they are stunning and yes i do have a fave ♥
I applied one coat to each nail and let dry totally bone dry before applying another.It did take a while for them to dry though.But after adding a second coat then dry and adding the Gel top coat they looked amazing.They didn't bubble or streak and were so so shiny too.
Unfortunately they did chip after two days but i have quite a hectic day to day with 3 children,nappies,washing bottles etc etc so a normal nail polish only really lasts about this long too.

They didn't chip too bad though as i then re-touched them and they went on to last around 6 days which is great for me.So lesson learned to leave them to dry properly first lol ♥

These are £5.99 each and can be found Here on Boots but you will need the Gel Top coat too which is also £5.99 again Here on Boots
 Do you love how i put a different colour on each finger,good job their is only 5 nail polishes to collect hee hee.Can you see that shine it's stunning.
 So above on my nails going from left to right so starting with little finger they are ... Shameless Selfie...Out Out....Primrose Chills....Rooftop Vibes ....Gig Night
 Gorgeous i know and i really love the wide brush on them too as it makes application much easier.
 So swatches again above from left to right are Rooftop Vibes....Primrose Chills....Out Out....Shameless Selfie....Gig Night

I do have two faves which are Shameless Selfie shown on my little finger above and Gig Night shown on my thumb.
But now we come to these beauty's and when i say beauty's i mean omg these are flipin outstanding and gorgeous.♥ If you own any Rimmel Lipsticks then you will know they have a distinct smell and taste which is actually one of the reason i love them.

I own a ton more upstairs and i really need to do a Rimmel Collection on Youtube as it has been requested quite a few times now.My all time fave is prob Rimmel Matte lippy by Kate in 107 and i have loved that since i first started youtube.But my oldest lipstick i owned by Rimmel and purchased as a teen was Heather shimmer and would you believe they still make it today as it's in this Jess collection whoop whoop.

Kind of showing my age a bit there but honestly guys you need to try these or any Rimmel lipstick for that matter.If you don't own one then i order you to go and purchase your first ever one,you will be thanking me and will want to collect them all.

 They are not too matte nor too silky,even the matte ones are not too matte,i honestly couldn't praise them enough as after blotting then re applying they last on me for hours even with eating and drinking.
 From left to right swatched in daylight we have ... Heather Shimmer....Starry Eyed....Heart Breaker....Nude Pink .... Alarm

The Lipsticks by Jess are only £4.99 each {bargain} and can be found Here On Boots
 Above is Heather shimmer my Oldskool 90's nude shade and this would suit anybody.
 Then we have Starry Eyed which is a stunning plum colour,they look totally different online on Boots but this is the correct colour.
 I think the one above had to be my all time fave as it's just a lush everyday colour not too drab nor too bright just perfect and called Heart Breaker
 Above we have Nude Pink which i didn't think was going to suit me but it's more a frosted look and actually did suit me and looked a really nice frosted peach colour.
The brightest of them all and as the name suggests is called Alarm as it's a bright bright red and will certainly make heads turn.
Here is me above wearing my fave shade Heart Breaker,i can see me going through this one really quick i love it ♥♥

Another quick snap of me above wearing Alarm.

Thanks for reading and do you plan on Purchasing Anything from Rimmel Jess London Looks ? Or do you own anything already? which would be your go to colour??
Thanks for reading much love Vinny aka Littlemissstyleguru

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  1. Great products I love rimmel they are a great brand. Heather shimmer is bringing back memories of the 90s

    1. Yes they are a fab brand i love them and have bought them for years,oohh your showing your age just like me then hee hee although i'm prob much older than you xx♥xx

  2. I love the wide brush on rimmel nail polish - it makes applying them so much easier!

    1. Thanks Tori yes i thought that too as with a skinny brush it can take ages but nearly with one swipe and it's done lol,thanks for reading hun xx

  3. I'm glad my tip worked for you :) these look lovely lip & nail shades, I'd wear them more over autumn /winter as I like brights for summer but they're all lovely xxx




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